Sims babies turn into striders because of this bug

An expansion as expected as those of babies in the sims could not be free of the typical humiliating bug. And it is that many users are experiencing a terrifying error that turns the babies in the game into horrible long-legged beings that resemble a kind of horrifying mosquito that will sneak into your worst nightmares.

Some very advanced babies

The Sims 4 Babies Expansion: Growing Up as a Family

The new expansion allows us to have babies in The Sims in a much more complex way. We will be able to get a baby the natural way, through adoption, with the test tube mode or even by creating our own Sim from the creation menu. It is in this last option where there are more à la carte possibilities, hence we can generate the perfect baby to our liking. But life is full of surprises, in the Sims, even more.

The problem is in an ugly bug that is surprising many users, since they are seeing how their babies grow more than necessary, but in a completely disproportionate way. What should be endearing little creatures that roam the corridors of the house, end up being horrible children with adult legs due to its strange length.

baby sims long legs

It must be some kind of bug that tries to balance the height of the characters to match the rest of the proportions of the set, hence they keep the baby body but generate some very long legs.

In the Sims subreddit we can find a large number of screenshots made by users, who are obviously surprised to see how their little creature has developed such long limbs in such a short time.

What’s going on?

At the moment EA has not commented on it, although we imagine that they will have the problem located or, at least, they will be aware of it, since the networks are filling up with captures related to the bug. It doesn’t technically affect gameplay, but you’ll understand, it’s not nice to have a six-foot-tall baby walking down the hall like nothing.

We imagine that in the next few days they will release a small bugfix update that will include the patch for this cute problem. In the meantime, you know, don’t take the baby out of the house, you won’t have any more problems.

Via: Eurogamer

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