Since I know rDrop I don’t send files over the Internet in any other way

When it comes to sharing files, both large and small, we have a large number of options to choose from. The most comfortable method is to use a pen drive or external hard drive, although it is not always an option if the person with whom we want to share it is not nearby. Another option is to use a cloud storage platform and then share a link with the recipient.

The problem is that we need space to be able to upload the file and, if it takes up a lot, we will have a problem. The easiest solution is to use rDrop. rDrop is a platform that we can use completely free of charge to share large files without the need to have free storage space in the cloud or delete files to make space so that we can share it.

Send large files as rDrop

Unlike other platforms such as WeTransfer, rDrop does not offer us no file size limit to share through this platform, which is a very important advantage over this and other competitors, who also have a limited maximum space that files must occupy when sharing them.

In addition, it is the best option if we want send files to mobile deviceseither through a link or through a QR code that is generated when we upload the file we want to share to the platform.

To send files using the rDrop platform, once we have accessed its website, we must click on the Drop Files Here button or drag any file that we want to share to the browser. We can also use it from a smartphone or tablet by clicking on Drop Files Here and giving the browser permissions (if we have not given them previously) to access the content stored on our device.

Once we have loaded the file that we want to share, a QR code will be displayed, a QR code that we can scan with the camera of any smartphone with which we want to share the file. We can also share the download link by clicking on the Share button located at the top right of the QR code.

rDrop - send large files over the internet

We can share through the same link as many files as we want, since these are not stored on the servers. When the device to which we are going to send the file(s) accesses the link, the sending begins.

rDrop - send large files over the internet

if we want stop transmission, we just have to close the browser tab with which the file is being shared to stop sending it. By not hosting the files on their servers to later send a link to download them from, rDrop offers us greater security and privacy than other similar platforms. However, it is not the best option if we want to share one or more files. with several people together, since we will be forced to carry out the process again over and over the web. For these cases, the solution that WeTransfer offers us is one of the best, since it is one of the oldest on the market and offers us a privacy that we will hardly find on lesser-known similar platforms.

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