Singapore Will Not Cover Covid-19 Expenses Of Patients Refusing To Get Vaccinated

Authorities in Singapore have taken measures in response to the refusal to be vaccinated against Covid-19 of the population, as they indicated that they will no longer cover medical expenses in case of contagion, except for those people who for medical reasons or age cannot do so.

Through its website, the Ministry of Health reported on the new measure that will come into effect on December 8: “Unvaccinated people account for a large proportion of those who require intensive care and they contribute disproportionately to the pressure on our healthcare resources ”.

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In the last three weeks, 99 percent of the cases that have been registered of Covid-19 are mild or do not present symptoms thanks to the vaccine, with which 85 percent of the population already has, says the EFE agency.

Singapore has considered advancing the vaccination journey with Pfizer BioNTech to minors between 5 and 11 years old, which would join other countries that have already vaccinated against the coronavirus to this part of the children population, like Cuba.

Saturated hospitals

Currently the hospitals in Singapore are at 70 percent of capacity in the units of intensive care, they fear that an increase in infections could saturate the occupation in these areas, adds EFE.

Although some have been raised restrictions, continue the strict measures with the intention of reducing contagions; however, they gave up their zero-case strategy due to the difficulty of eliminating the virus, especially given the emergence of the Delta variant in India.

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For workers who still refuse to get vaccinated or have not been infected with Covid-19, have asked that they present a negative antigen test from January.

The Johns Hopkins University points out that until this November 9, Singapore adds 224,200 cases of Covid-19 and 523 people have died from the virus, this is one of the countries that has given the best response to the pandemic since its inception with the closure of borders.


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