Siri has a bug in iOS 15 and you may not have even noticed

There are some Siri problems on iPhone that can be more or less common, but then we also have some sporadic problems that occur due to failures in some updates. This is the case of iOS 15, which has brought with it more than notable drawbacks until its version 15.1, which is currently the last one that exists (the iPhone 12 and 13 have iOS 15.1.1).

This new ruling began to be public thanks to users with vision problems, since in the end it is related to the accessibility options of the iPhone, which are essential for many people to be able to use the smartphone. Taking into account that Apple is one of the companies with the best software for people with these types of difficulties, it is strange that they have not provided a solution.

What problems is Siri giving?

Basically the problems lie in the calls. And it is that the smart assistant shows problems when reading which have been the last calls received, whether or not they have been answered, as well as being completely useless when making a call precisely to the last number that first issued the call. And we say that it is shown with problems because this failure is not always found, although most of the time and to all users who have VoiceOver functions active.

This problem, which has recently been reported again by media such as MacRumors, really comes from afar. And it is that since the first version of iOS 15 arrived on September 20, these failures have occurred. In fact, despite the fact that the aforementioned media refers to English-speaking users, it also happens in other languages ​​such as Spanish.

And no, it is not a problem of not executing the commands correctly. We already know that Siri is not exactly the most intuitive assistant many times, having to execute the voice command in a certain order, but this time it does not matter in which way the request is made. That is why many users are angry And it is not for less, since in the end they are deprived of a vital functionality and that it ran without problems in iOS 14.

When could the solution arrive?

It is normal that being functionalities designed for a percentage of users that is not the majority, it has been able to pass by for the public, but that Apple itself has not detected and solved it, it seems strange. And the fact is that the company has not yet spoken in this regard, so we do not know if internally they are aware of it. Taking into account that numerous forums have been filled with complaints about this matter, we can guess that they do know it and that is why they are working on finding the origin of the problem and, consequently, finding the best solution.

The closest we have on the horizon is iOS 15.2, version that will probably arrive officially next week. However, at least until beta 4 released last week, this problem seems to continue to persist. Therefore, we hope that the company will finally solve the problem. in extremis and these affected users can easily reuse the Siri functions designed for them.

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