Siri will be judged for spying on you with the iPhone without permission

On a daily basis, many of us use Siri on the Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad or Mac to give an instruction. The clearest examples are setting an alarm, making a phone call, or checking the weather. But there has always been the fear that Siri can listen without you invoking it and this is what is finally going to be judged in the United States after a complaint from a particular user. In this article we tell you all the details of this new court case that splashes Apple.

Siri accused of recording holds without permission

As reported by Reuters in a recent report, US Judge Jeffrey White is going to try to show that Siri records private conversations that are later disclosed to third parties. This is something that has already been heard numerous times on the net. The statement of when you are talking about a specific product in front of the mobile, translates into displaying ads on the internet for this same product.

This is what happened to a user who claims that Siri was recording the private conversation he was having with his doctor about a surgical intervention. His suspicions were confirmed when surfing the internet advertisements were found on the net about this same treatment without having carried out a previous search. In addition to this, which may be the most talked about, there are also other stories that will put Apple back on the ropes.

The company at all times wants to blame the plaintiffs in these cases as they do not outline the content of the communications. But the district judge who has been assigned to this case is convinced that this is a suitable demand to be able to hold Apple responsible for having allegedly violated the Federal Law on Wiretapping. This is something that should be resolved in the coming months or years. Although it is undoubtedly a new setback for the company that has once again been questioned for the sale of personal data.

Apple asks permission to record audio with Siri

As we have previously commented, this is not the first time that Siri has been deeply involved in a privacy problem. It has been several months since different reports came out in which it was clear that Apple recorded conversations of others through Siri without the corresponding permission. These were listened to by the company’s staff with a mere objective of evolution and improvement. The problem is that the fact of recording conversations is a really delicate subject since in these recordings legal, medical conversations and even sexual relations were heard.

Given these facts, Apple had to admit that this was true information. In order to counteract the criticism, the company launched a new system so that users can allow or not allow Siri to listen to conversations for improvement tasks. Although, a real controversy had to be created for them to ask for this permission and it is possible that much more details will come out of this trial regarding the treatment of our personal data in the ecosystem.

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