Siri will create virtual reality apps if you ask

Apple’s virtual reality headset is one of the most anticipated devices of this year and, according to several sources, Siri is going to play a fundamental role in the operation of this new viewer. As we already told you yesterday, when talking about what the leaks say about iOS 17, it seems that an important part of the novelties of those from Cupertino for this 2023 are going to be related, directly or indirectly, with the viewer of which we have already had quite a few years talking, and that it could finally be announced in June, during WWDC 2023.

When talk of the Metaverse began, in 2021, Apple quickly came out to affirm that they did not have them, something that was reinforced by Tim Cook’s statement, last October, about the lack of a clear definition of it. . Nothing to discuss what the company has said on both occasions, but what is important is not so much what it says as what it does not say, and in this case what it refrains from saying is that, with the virtual reality viewer, it intends to create a ecosystem as closed as that of Apple Watch or Apple TV.

No one will be surprised by this, right? It is the house brand for many of its product lines, although it is true that in the case of the iPhone the regulations could put an end to it shortly. A closed ecosystem is, for Apple, synonymous with a safe, coherent and comfortable experience, yes, but also with capitalizing on everything that happens in it, that is, that everything that happens on the platform only happens if they agree.

Of course, this means that they face a significant risk, the lack of interesting content for users. And of course, no matter how advanced its technology is, if there are no applications and games that allow you to take advantage of it, what is the use of users getting the viewer? Well, according to what we can read in The Verge, it seems that Apple is working on an interesting solution, by make Siri can create virtual reality apps based on the requests of its users.

We are not talking, of course, about complex apps, but we are talking about developments that can be interesting and complete enough for their creators to offer them to other users through the platform-specific App Store. In this way, in addition, it will be the users themselves who “work” (or make Siri work) to quickly fill the shelves of the Apple store since, otherwise, it seems likely that in its first months the offer be quite scarce.

For that end the company will rely on Fabric Software technology, a Canadian company bought by Apple in 2017, a development capable of creating objects and environments in a procedural way, which will avoid the repetition of content, environments, models, etc. Apple also bought DigitalRune, which sought to make 3D game development easier, back in 2016, so it makes quite a bit of sense to expect technology from it to be integrated into this new flagship Siri feature.

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