Siri worsens in iOS 15: Apple removes these functions

With each software update we always expect major improvements, but sometimes Apple does the opposite and regress some functions. This is what has happened with Siri in iOS 15, iPadOS 15 or macOS Monterey where it will be seen reduced its integration with third-party apps. This is undoubtedly a bad decision on the part of the company that leaves Siri in a much more deteriorated position compared to its competition that continues to take steps forward. In this article we tell you all the details about this new decision.

Siri will no longer be very useful in third-party apps

Apple announced Siri’s compatibility with third-party apps as a breakthrough in its development. The fact of being able to perform different actions than apps that were not made by themselves made it possible to give extra use to the voice assistant. This was achieved with a series of commands integrated into SiriKit, specifically 22. Now Apple retreats in the new generation of operating system and will make Siri offer a worse experience in this sense, something that is still not fully understood. The only explanation that can be seen today is that Apple wants shortcuts to be used.

Among the Siri commands that are removed with this update, those of Uber that allowed to order a car without opening the app stand out, but also those of task management. However, in this last field, the creation of tasks is maintained but not the modification or elimination, something that does not make much sense according to the information known today. Also the bank applications have been affected andbecause you will not be able to pay bills or transfer money between accounts. To this are also added restrictions on CarPlay functions such as the limitation of adjusting the audio output, the adjustment of the air conditioning or the seat itself.

Developers should not advertise these features

By removing these features, Apple has already recommended to its developers that remove any reference to the use of these voice commands. In addition, it is also recommended to delete the corresponding API although it is not mandatory right now. This is not ruled out if different alerts are launched in the future to be able to remove the obsolete parts of the code of these applications. It is undoubtedly a decision that will force developers to adapt to be able to continue releasing their updates in an ordinary way and not receive any type of sanction from Apple.

As we have commented previously, Apple does not give data about the making of this decision. What is clear is that it is causing Siri to be lagging far behind its competition in Google or Amazon, already being an assistant joke for many people due to its uselessness. For now, these commands can continue to be used until the launch of the new versions of iOS, iPadOS, macOS or watchOS scheduled in September. From there Siri will respond to the input of these commands that it cannot recognize them or that it does not understand what you say.

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