Six out of ten consumers do not trust influencers

Much is said about the influencers nowadays. Its importance is crucial for many brands, but if we talk about consumers, the situation can change when it comes to building trust.

Are influencers a key piece to achieve visibility and sales in an online business? Do they really influence the purchase decision of social network users?

As the word itself indicates, “influencers” are those people who “influence” other peoplebut when we have a business, what interests us is that this effect on others is transmitted in sales and benefits for the brand, right?

Fashionable Asia has conducted a study to learn more about how influencers influence them. He has interviewed more than 600 Spanish-speaking people to find out what type of social networks are the most popular in the influencer world, why they follow influencers, what they think of the information they share with their followers and, above all, if they have made purchases. influenced by your posts.

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Do you follow influencers?

The survey took into account the different age ranges:

  • Between 18 to 25 years (32.43%)

  • Between 26 and 35 years old (15.73%)

  • Between 36 and 50 years old (30.49%)

  • More than 50 years (21.36%)

“Do you follow influencers?” is the first question launched to start the study. With the answers to this question, a surprising 53% of respondents who confess that they do not follow any influencer. A very interesting result to begin with, since we observe that the influencer world is not the predominant bet of those surveyed. In the question there were several response options: weekly, no, constantly, monthly or daily.

If we analyze the responses as a whole, we can say that 76.64% of respondents do not follow influencers, or if they do, they do so monthly or weekly.

Where are the influencers you follow online?

Of all the social networks analyzed (Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Tiktok, Twitter, Blog or Pinterest), Instagram is the preferred social network with 47.55% of the votes to follow influencers, and the blogger world the least with 1.81%. Instagram is followed by YouTube with 24.34% and TikTok with 21.23% of the votes.

It is important to highlight how Facebook is losing strength, being the fourth social network used to follow influencers with only 11.62% of consumers following influencers on Facebook.

Why do you follow influencers?

The next step in the survey is to understand why the consumer follows influencers. This is very interesting because it helps brands know what the consumer is looking for in an influencer. Looking for product information? For being up to date? or simply Why do you want entertainment? Clearly, the influencer follower who follows influencers for entertainment does not have the same quality when it comes to making a potential purchase than the one who follows influencers for product information.

The highest percentage obtained is that of those who confirm that does not follow influencers, with 42.51%. Only 24.58% follow influencers for the products they recommend and 10.35% for being up to date with trends.

Have you bought any product on the recommendation of an influencer?

Almost half of the respondents confess that they have never bought a product recommended by influencers (49.43%), while those who confess that they have bought many times are only 3.58%.

20.57% of those surveyed admit that they have only bought once, and 26.42% have bought on some occasions.

And surely the answer to this behavior is obtained in the following data:

  • 63.33% of those surveyed confess that they do not trust the criteria and opinion that influencers have of the products they show on the internet

  • Only 6.41% of those surveyed believe that between 75% and 100% of what influencers say is true. 24.27% of those surveyed do not believe anything that influencers say, and 15.53% believe that what they say is true, only between 1% and 25%.

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