Six tips for your company to find qualified labor

There are many companies that have Difficulty finding skilled labor. In Spain, this circumstance affects more than 100,000 jobs. A number of vacancies that is paradoxical if we take into account that in Spain almost three million people were unemployed in the month of August.

This situation does not only occur in our country, but several European countries are also experiencing this reality. A scenario that worries Spanish businessmen, and especially SMEs, who see how their activity could be greatly affected if this situation does not improve.

Thus, the causes of this lack of labor are diverse. On the one hand, demographic reasons such as the aging of the so-called baby boomer generation, the continuous depopulation of our country, the low geographic mobility, or the lack of generational relief. However, this situation is also due to the lack of training skills for the existing demands in the current labor market and the obstacles that companies encounter when hiring, due to complex bureaucratic procedures.

From Gi Group, a temporary work and permanent placement company of Gi Group Holding, they have developed a series of measures with the aim of filling the gap that exists today in the labor market, and avoiding the closure of companies or the decrease in their performance.

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  • Improvement of employment policies promoting training recycling.
  • Adequacy of skills to current demands.
  • The enhancement of Vocational Training as a key driver for obtaining qualified professionals.
  • Consider automation as a possible option in the absence of some profiles.
  • Encourage flexibility.
  • Internal promotion within companies to attract and retain talent.

The most searched profiles in each region

The sectors that are most affected by this lack of workers are the hospitality industry, construction and the primary sector, agriculture and livestock. In the same way, those who are looking for profiles of carriers, health professionals and professionals in the IT sector have also noticed the lack of supply.

By autonomous communities, the lack of personnel varies in depending on the sectors or activities most relevant in each region. For example, in Galicia stevedores are sought, while in Aragón the most demanded profiles are industrial and agricultural.

On the other hand, in the Canary Islands there is a lack of airport personnel and drivers, while in the Balearic Islands and Cantabria specialists in customer service and administrative staff with languages ​​are in demand. In the case of Madrid, they are mainly looking for occupational risk prevention technicians and in the Valencian Community, technological profiles.

In communities such as Murcia, the Basque Country and Navarra, engineers or welders are needed, as in the case of Castilla La Mancha and Extremadura.

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