SK Hynix is ​​considering the purchase of ARM

It seems that SK Hynix wants to pick up the baton from NVIDIA and try to take control of ARM, although its approach to buying the British giant would be different from the approach followed by the greens, since instead of betting on a direct purchase operation I would propose it through the creation of a consortiumin which its most important partners could participate.

It is a very important question, since the creation of this consortium will allow SK Hynix to avoid practically all the problems, and the doubts, that a possible purchase of ARM would raise. The truth is that, After what happened to NVIDIA, this idea makes a lot of senseespecially because due to the weight that the ARM architecture has in the technology sector today, and what its purchase would imply in terms of free competition, it is unlikely that a single technology company could get hold of the British firm without having to face problems from market and competition regulatory entities.

But does SK Hynix really want to buy ARM? Yes, the CEO of the company, Park Jung-ho, has openly confirmed it, although he has also commented that does not rule out the possibility of acquiring the necessary number of shares to gain control of the company. Both options are in his head, and from what we have seen they seem totally valid. However, SK Hynix itself later qualified the words of its CEO, indicating, verbatim, that “this is a response to a question from the press, and does not reflect a future strategy.”

In any case, the fact that SK Hynix may consider purchasing ARM through a multi-company consortium Nor does it guarantee that this operation will be a success.. Many aspects would have to be taken into account, and it would also be necessary to assess the impact that the presence of some partners in that consortium could have, and the absence of other important players who may have large interests linked to ARM. Yes, it is complicated, and this would be just the tip of the iceberg.

On the other hand, it is not clear what is the real interest that SK Hynix has in taking over ARM. The former is one of the largest memory manufacturers in the world, while ARM is a company that markets licenses to use its CPU and GPU designs. The company has also not given specific names of the possible partners that would accompany it on this adventure, but we imagine that Samsung would be one of them.

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