Skulls, the Predator prequel, celebrates the end of filming with a photo

A few hours away from the arrival of all the films in the franchise on Disney +, Skulls, the film prequel of the saga of Predator, celebrated the end of filming with a photo taken from the set.

The shooting of Skulls, the Predator prequel movie, is over

Almost a year ago we found out that the director of 10 Cloverfield Lane, Dan Trachtenberg, was developing a new film for the Predator franchise; a prequel / reboot that looked like it was never going to be made due to some legal complications. Against all odds, even considering the poor success of the last film in the saga, the shooting of that project is now over.

Domenica, the cinematographer of the film, Jeff Cutter, in fact, he returned to Instagram to share a photo that marked the conclusion of the shooting of the Predator prequel, “Skulls”.

In the description of the image, Cutter thanked Trachtenberg for involving him in the project:

“And with that we’re done with Skulls! I can never thank @dannytrs enough for inviting me on this epic journey and for entrusting me with help to realize his vision for this film! Thanks to a great cast led by @ambermidthunder, @dakota_beavers and @dd and so much love to the brave Calgary team for diving headfirst with us! #Skulls #Predator “

Here’s the picture:

At the moment we don’t know much more about the film, other than that “Skulls” appears to be a working title rather than its final title. This is not unusual for Trachtenberg’s works, considering that 10 Cloverfield Lane was shot under the title “Valencia” and came as a surprise to fans when its trailer premiered two months before the film was released in theaters.

Skulls’ possible storyline was revealed some time ago but, having never been confirmed, the final story may actually turn out to be very different.

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