Skydio unveils new drone with significant benefits

In just a few short years, an American drone maker called Skydio has grown from a relatively unknown brand to a truly full-fledged competitor to the giant DJI. And if you are not in the know, then back in 2019 this company made a pretty big step forward by releasing its own unmanned drone Skydio 2 with one of the best obstacle avoidance systems that has ever existed. And now, at the annual CES 2022, he is back suddenly.

And, of course, he did it not empty-handed, but with an updated model of the aforementioned drone, which is called Skydio 2 Plus. And in short, this version, in comparison with the old one, has been added both hardware and software improvements. But if you go into details, then the new model is equipped with two additional antennas at once, which, again, is more than that of Skydio 2.

Thanks to this, the drone is capable of flying up to 6 kilometers in any direction. And if we make a comparison, then its predecessor had a power reserve of only 3.5 kilometers. In addition, the manufacturer claims that the increase in battery life will increase the new model’s flight time by an overall 20 percent. Another natural change is that the company also updated its Beacon control panel, which also contributed to an increase in the flight range. Along with the Plus model, the aforementioned company introduced KeyFrame, an artificial intelligence-powered feature that, according to the company, will allow “absolutely anyone to design impossible camera movement that is smooth, accurate and repeatable.”

Well, as the name suggests, you can, at your discretion, select several key frames that you want to capture by the drone during the flight. After that, the program ties them together in one continuous movement of the drone, which looks and really dignified. And by the way, it’s important to note that compared to DJI, Skydio does not have an extensive set of camera modes, and therefore the addition of KeyFrame is a huge step for the company. And if you are interested in this drone, then the Skydio 2 Plus is available today at a price of $ 1,099, while the KeyFrame function also became available from yesterday on the Skydio 2 and 2 Plus drones.

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