SkyShowtime will arrive in Spain this year. What can we expect from the next alternative to Netflix?

There are more and more options when hiring a content on demand service. Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Filmin… The list continues to grow and this year you can finally enjoy SkyShowtime from Spain.

In August of last year Comcast confirmed that its service would arrive in our country throughout this year 2022. Now, through a new press release they have reported that they already have all the necessary permits to be able to operate in Europe. So there is less left for SkyShowtime to land in our country.

SkyShowtime CEO Monty Sarhan said: “We are pleased that SkyShowtime has received all regulatory clearances and are excited to bring this unique and compelling new entertainment service, with a wide range of some of the world’s biggest content, to millions of consumers in these markets.”

When will SkyShowtime be available in Spain?

SkyShowtime will finally be available in the following markets: Albania, Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Kosovo, Montenegro, Netherlands, North Macedonia, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden , so its launch in Europe comes in a big way. Yes indeed, we cannot confirm an exact date, although we can assume that, as in the press release they have indicated that they will report release dates and rates later, so there will still be a few months.

Starting in September would be a good time, but we will have to wait for SkyShowtime to confirm when it will arrive in Spain. Regarding the content that this new VOD platform will offer, we can expect movies and series of all kinds.

To say that SkyShowtime brings together the content of Nickelodeon, Sky, Showtimne, Paramount+ or Peacock so you don’t run out of options. To give you an idea, from 4 Comcast they have confirmed that it will arrive in Europe with more than 10,000 hours of content through this on-demand content service. This content will be wide-ranging, including all genres and audience categories, including scripted dramas, kids and family, first-run movies, local programming, documentaries/real content, etc.

Right now SkyShowtime is only available in the United States, so it will be necessary to see if they will bring the entire catalog that exists or if, most likely, it will be less since there are licenses that are not available in our country due to agreements with operators and VOD platforms.

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