Slack will raise its prices in September and announce changes to its free plan

slack has announced that will raise its prices from next September. The company, which will undertake the first price increase in its history since its birth in 2014, has confirmed that it will also make some changes to its free plan.

Yes, the price increase it will only affect your Pro plan. In it, as of September 1, the prices will be 8.25 euros per month, which would mean 99 euros per year for each user. But if an annual plan is contracted, the cost of the plan will be 81 euros per year, which would be equivalent to a payment of 6.75 euros per month. The prices of the Business Plus plans, or the personalized ones that custom companies have subscribed to, as we have mentioned, will not change.

Until now, free plan users of Slack could store their last 10,000 messages sent and received on their servers, and up to 5 GB of content uploaded to the platform. As of September 1, yes, Slack changes these benefits. Since then, what they can store slack users for free on their servers are the last three months of usewith no limits on the number of messages or space occupied on their servers during that time.

This means that many teams and people who use Slack intensively will be able to access even more messages than ever before. Of course, they will have to remember that their messages and stored content will disappear every three months, and every day they will be able to access the history of the use of the platform in the last 90.

Free users of the platform will also have free access to the Clips feature, which allows its users to send audio, video or screen sharing messages in channels and direct messages. User teams that have a free plan will also have a period of retention of their history and their files for a time starting next September 1.

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