Slam Dunk: a teaser announces the launch window of the film

After the excellent re-edition of the manga by Takehiko Inoue edited by Planet Manga (here you can find all the volumes), Slam Dunk is ready to return in a new animated film, whose launch window and staff members were announced a few hours ago by a video teaser.

A teaser announces staff and launch window of the Slam Dunk film

The official website of the new anime film of the basketball manga has in fact published a new video last Friday, in which the arrival of the film in cinemas in the autumn of 2022 is announced.

In the video, which you can find below, the names of the staff who are carrying out the project also appear.

Inoue is personally directing the film at Toei Animation and, of course, he also wrote the screenplay. Among the staff members listed are character designer / animation director Yasuyuki Ebara (Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress) and technical directors Katsuhiko Kitada (Attack on Titan, Major: Yūjō no Winning Shot), Naoki Miyahara (Digimon Adventure, Popin Q), Toshio Ōhashi (Layer 0 stories) and Yū Kamatani (Precure Super Stars!).

Daiki Nakazawa is directing the CG of the film and Yūta Ogurala is producing. Kazuo Ogura is taking care of the visuals while Yota Tsuruoka will take care of the sound with Koji Kasamatsu.

The title of the film still remains an unknown at the moment.

Here is the video:

In Italy the anime series aired on MTV and was released on home video for Yamato Videos, also receiving four sequels in OAV.

Below you can find the official synopsis, in case you missed Hanamichi’s mythical adventures in the world of basketball:

“Hanamichi Sakuragi has fiery red hair, is very tall, has a grim look and is a well-known brawler, so it’s no wonder that in the middle school years he managed to get rejected by fifty girls. Arriving at Shohoku High School in Kanagawa prefecture, however, everything changes, when the beautiful and sweet Haruko approaches him curiously from his height to ask him a simple question: “Do you like basketball?” That was enough for the hooligan to grow up and think of finding himself in front of a new chapter of his youth. Following the girl in the school gym, she learns for the first time of the existence of the “Slam Dunk”, a very powerful dunk to the basket, the highest expression of sport. Without any notion from his – the red had no idea that he should approach the basket by dribbling, and not holding the ball in his hand -, Hanamichi jumps to the basket with the intent to crush and then slam his head ruinously against the backboard. However, the fool has not prevented him from impressing his new crush who will urge him to join the basketball club, where, however, the real battle for Haruko’s heart will begin: he will be able to convince his older brother Takenori Akagi, captain of the team, to make him play? And in that case will he be able to play as a team with Kaede Rukawa, a very young champion and great love of Haruko? “

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