Internet – Easy Removal of Background Of 1000’s Images At Once and Other Features

Removing the background of images is an everyday task for those who are into professional photography. However, it is a difficult and time consuming task to select pixels in an image manually. This is where enters athe scene. Backed with AI or Artificial Intelligence, Slazzer can finish the task of background removal in a couple of seconds.

How does Slazzer work?

Slazzer’s editor detects the foreground layer in an image and separates it from the background. This is made possible with advanced Computer Vision and AI/ML algorithms. You simply have to upload the image and the background will be removed in an instant. It is that simple.

Edit 1000’s of images at once

Slazzer works well for commercial purposes as it lets you drag and drop images easily. You can edit 1000 images at once. This tool is like a boon for photographers who needs a tool that can remove background of hundreads of images at once. It allows them to focus on their upcoming photo-shooting session instead of sitting and editing images for hours together.

What are the benefits of using Slazzer?

Here are the top benefits of using Slazzer for your background removal needs

Improves your efficiency

Cutting out the background of an image takes between 5 and 10 minutes based on the complexity of the image. When you have a web tool to do it for you under 5 seconds, won’t it be wiser to invest in one?

You won’t be wasting time anymore in removing the background of an image. With Slazzer, you can remove the background with a click of the button and can put the saved time to better use. In short, you won’t have to slog for hours for something that can be easily done in seconds.

Can be used by anyone and helps you save money

You don’t have to be a graphic designer to use this particular web tool. It is so user-friendly that it can be used by a non-professional.

Now, when there is no need to hire a graphic editor to sit down and edit your images one after the other, you can save a lot of money. The premium plans of Slazzer are way cheaper than the graphic editor’s salary. That money can be used elsewhere.

Provides outstanding image quality

Slazzer has been implemented with additional algorithms that take care of the finer details of the image and avoid colour contamination. The tool is so good that most of the scenarios are well taken care of. Tricky images of products, selfies and portrait shots are edited with great precision. The final outcome is of amazing quality.

If you are using high quality product images for your online store, you are most likely to attract a larger number of buyers. This is because a consumer is lured by what he sees. If the images are good, a better image of your store will be projected and thereby lead to an increase in the conversion rate. You can simply capture images of products by yourself and then change the background with The photo-editing can be done on your own which is a huge advantage.

You don’t need chroma keying

With at your service, you won’t have to worry about chroma keying. As a professional photographer, you can choose to shoot in almost any background be it a crowd, white wall or anything else. It is possible to get the background of the photo changed later with your favorite location in the backdrop. So, when you are using, there will be no need of using the green screen during photo shoots. 

What do you get when you purchase a plan at

  • offers you with unlimited previews without any charges
  • There is a support for images up to 25 MP [4k full HD resolution]
  • You have Image background removal API access and Apps for Mac, Windows, and Linux
  • Ease of upgrading or downgrading your plan whenever you want to

The plans are yearly and you can choose the one that suits your needs. When you buy a plan, you get credits and to edit one image you need one credit.  If you are purchasing the plan for personal use and don’t want to edit a lot of photos, you can go in for the one that offers the least credits. For commercial use, it is better to go in for a plan that gets you the best value for the money you invest.

In case you are unhappy with the web tool for some reason, you can easily ask for a refund. There is a 14 day money back guarantee for all the plans.

The Final Word

Overall, this web tool works well for both personal and commercial use. It helps in saving effort, time and money by letting you edit the photos in a flash without any prior technical knowledge. Therefore, investing in Slazzer is a wise decision.

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