Small and medium investors are closer to the management of real estate consultants

The small and medium investors they were looking forward to entering the real estate sector in their own right. Holders of equity portfolios between 1 and 20 million euros will not only be able to dedicate themselves to managing the rental or sale.

Briwell Group, the recently born real estate consultancy based in Spain (but with a strong international presence), has emerged after the unification of different companies in the sector led by Edoardo Corda, a young Italian businessman established and trained in Spain for several years, who has created a specific business division.

“The large consulting firms and real estate funds do not serve this type of investors and owners because they move very high investments and large portfolios of assets; Traditional real estate companies had become the largest and only benchmark for small and medium investors, without access to property management services, which is the differential value that an investor needs to not only maintain, but increase, the value of the same to through good management; and the one that needs an owner to have a vision in the medium and long term on the evolution of his portfolio, taking decisions not only to guarantee its profitability, but also its maintenance »says Corda.

This new division of Briwell Group is not only the result of the identification of a recurring need in the market, it is also (or even more so) of the experience gained with the company Mi Piso in Madrid, where Corda and his team have advised clients of the 5 houses (specifically, 43 countries) in the purchase of homes in Madrid. Today, My Apartment in Madrid manages the assets of many of the apartments that these clients have acquired to invest in, helping them to get the most out of it. The value of the portfolio it currently manages is 22.3 million euros, but under the Briwell Group umbrella.

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Exponential growth this year

This portfolio is expected to grow exponentially next year, as this division offers a series of services and attention in wealth management never before seen in Spain for small and medium investors or holders.

The services that Briwell Group will offer you in comprehensive rental management and comprehensive asset management refer both to the extensive, complex and tedious bureaucracy linked to this type of agreements and transactions, with associated legal and legal advice, so that decision-making is what strongest and most reliable possible.

In addition, Briwell Group is responsible for the constant review of real estate assets, to ensure their good condition and maintenance and, therefore, that the investment and property do not lose value when exploited for rent.

To the property management services, Briwell Grupo adds those of real estate consulting, perhaps the most unattainable for this type of owners and investors, where this company acts – for example – constantly reviewing the value and evolution of the areas where the assets are located , to offer dynamic and measured solutions to its customers if fluctuations are expected that may affect their future value; or to provide them with a vision that can go beyond residential rental, looking for new and different exploitation holes for the assets.

«Obviously, these services are in addition to the usual ones offered by a traditional real estate agency, being we who take care of the management of the visits to the properties, the advertising for their introduction in the market and the processing of all the queries that may arise from both the landlord and the tenant (among other services), who can dissociate themselves and not worry about absolutely everything, understanding that with Briwell Group they have access to a professional and trustworthy service », concludes Corda.

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