Smaller size of components to increase the battery in Mac, iPhone, etc.

Mac battery

Increasing the battery size in Apple devices has long been the company’s goal. We can say that they have really made good progress in this regard and part of these advances is due to contained size of internal components.

According to the popular DigiTimes, the Cupertino firm plans to use smaller internal components in its next devices thus increasing the battery size in them. This represents a great effort for the firm but it is today the only option to increase the capacity of its batteries.

Smaller internal components to increase battery size

And it is that on many occasions we see changes in the screen with the mini-LEDs, the smallest processors, many components soldered directly to the board of the Mac, etc. This all goes in favor of a battery boost in most cases, logically also in a greater energy efficiency of the same and also affects the general size of the equipment but the main function is due to battery increase issues.

It seems that the Cupertino firm is blocked like other companies in the best performance of batteries, It seems that the peak of its improvement has been reached and it is very difficult to advance in this regard, so they have to focus their efforts on the rest of the components of their teams to improve their autonomy. In this sense, Apple continues to work on the miniturization of its components, gaining space inside that is used to increase the size of the batteries.

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