Smart Alarm arrives in Spain to boost its anti-theft GPS for motorcycles and cars

Spain suffers an average of car and motorcycle theft higher than the rest of Europe. Specifically, in our country around 100 means of transport are stolen every day, according to the Ministry of the Interior. Unfortunately, only 10% of stolen motorcycles are recovered.

To avoid these figures, Smart Alarm V.2 arrives in Spain, a GPS anti-theft locator for motorcycles and cars. The product, developed by Trackting, is the advanced version of the first GPS alarm that made the Italian brand famous in the last two years, which even led it to double its turnover in 2020, in the midst of the pandemic.

The new model is practically the size of a Zippo lighter, measuring just 6.2 x 4.4 x 2.3 cm, and weighing 70 grams. This allows it to be installed on more types of motorcycles and mopeds, even adapting to tight spaces. In addition, it is waterproof with IP56 protection and does not require any cable to the vehicle for its installation. The battery has a range of 4 months and up to 6 months on standby.

Regarding usability, a single wireless proximity recognition device allows communication with several trackers of the same owner. An additional function to facilitate those who have installed Smart Alarm in various vehicles, such as motorcycles, cars, scooters or vans. Pairing can be done by the user through the App following a few simple steps.

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At the same time, all Smart Alarm users can enjoy unlimited alarm notification phone calls, regardless of the version they own. Regarding the firmware, with Smart Alarm V.2 updates quickly and intuitive from the application itself.

Best car alarm 2021

The product has become a benchmark in the latest generation GPS locks sector thanks to its combination of technical features, value for money and customer service. In fact, it has recently obtained first place in the ranking of ‘Best Car Alarm 2021’ on’s Comparazione Prezzi website, and has become ‘Amazon’s Choice’ for the well-known ecommerce giant.

In terms of sales, it was a success from the launch in Italy at the end of April. In fact, in the first week they increased by 500% compared to the results of March, which was a record.

Smart Alarm V.2, the impetus for the brand’s crowdfunding

Trackting achieved a fundraising during the first half of 2021 coinciding with the launch of Smart Alarm V.2 in Italy, its country of origin.

Among the professional investors who participated was B Holding, a venture capital company founded by Fabio Cannavale (former founder and current CEO of the group, and also founder of eDreams) and headed by CEO Zeno Pellizzari, with the aim to support the development of companies with high potential for scalability. Trackting recently joined B Heroes, an acceleration program in collaboration with Banco Intesa Sanpaolo, the largest bank in the transalpine country.

Currently, the brand is carrying out tests for a product dedicated to the electric bicycle sector that will arrive in Spain next summer.

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