Smart feeders to feed your beloved pet

Details to consider when buying a smart feeder

These types of devices are something relatively new, at least as far as intelligence is concerned. So, before venturing to buy any model for your cat or dog, there are some important details that you should know:

  • How much food does your pet need: depending on the size, age, breed and different types of factors, the animal that lives with you at home will need some amounts or others of food throughout the day. This directly affects both the tank volume that the team may have, such as the need for power program the different servings that it can supply to your pet.
  • Removable elements: if you don’t want to eat your head too much when cleaning the feeder, you should look for a device that has removable elements to make this task easier.
  • Control your animal from a distance: Although this last detail is not of vital importance, it is always good to be able to manage the doses remotely from a app on your own phone. In addition, there are some models of smart feeders that have cameras, microphones and speakers so you can see and talk to her even when you’re not at home. This way you can ensure that they do not feel so alone and that for them it is as if you were feeding them yourself.

Best Smart Pet Feeders

That said, and now that you have some of the essential details about these devices a little clearer, it is time to choose one for your pet. Of course, to facilitate this task, we have selected some of the best models you can buy right now through Amazon.

VavoPaw automatic feeder

The first model we want to talk to you about is this one from the brand VavoPaw. It is an automatic feeder with a capacity of 7 liters, being able to program up to 10 doses of food per day from the phone app. It also has the function of recording with a message of our own voice to, for example, call your cat or dog to eat. In addition, we can connect it directly to the electrical network, or use its batteries to put it anywhere in the house. This device is priced at 79.99 euros.

Powaboo smart feeder

A model that has an identical price to the previous one is this one Powaboo. Specifically, it has a capacity of 7 liters and also has the possibility of recording a message to call your pet to eat. From its smartphone application you can program the different food rations, in addition to their weight at all times. We can connect it to the current, or place it in any corner of the house using its internal batteries. The cost of this product is 79.99 euros.

Wodondog automatic feeder

Increasing a little in its price compared to previous models we have the company’s automatic feeder Wodondog. The capacity of this model is somewhat lower, staying at 6 liters to store the food of our cat or dog. The manufacturer even offers another model, somewhat lower in price, with a 4-liter capacity in case we don’t need that much. It has the ability to record a voice note to call our pet to eat for up to 10 seconds. Through the application for our mobile phone we can control the quantities and number of meals. It also includes the possibility of connecting it to an electrical source, or use it with the internal batteries. The cost of this equipment, in its 6-liter model, is 84.99 euros.

Viugreum smart feeder

The following model gives a relatively important jump in its price, reaching the 119.99 euros. Although it is true that the Viugreum It incorporates a good quality camera so that we can see our pet from the phone itself in the control app. Its capacity of 4 liters, we can program up to a total of 10 doses of 8 to 10 grams each.

PETKIT automatic feeder

With the most minimalist design of all that we have seen so far, we want to recommend this model of PETKIT. Its capacity is somewhat reduced, remaining at 2.8 liters only, although it is not something that should worry you too much if your pet is not large or is going to be alone for several days. In addition to creating an automatic program, you can give it to your cat or dog at any time through the app on your phone. Something curious about this model is that it has a weight sensor in the feeder. So, the moment it is empty indicating that the animal has finished eating, you will receive a notification on your mobile. This model is priced at 119 euros.

Aiwolin smart feeder

Finally, we want to recommend you this smart feeder from Aiwolin. It is the most advanced of all, with a capacity of 7.5 liters, an integrated camera to see your pet from the phone at any time and different modes to configure your pet’s meals. Although of course, the fact that it is the one with the most possibilities also means that it will be somewhat more expensive. Specifically, its price is 179 euros.

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