Smart management drives best practices for corporate treasury

The European SaaS (Software as a Service) market expert, Agicap explained the best practices for a good management of finances in expenses, payroll and treasury, in his participation in the webinar “Manage your money in all areas of your company.”

Rocío López Almodóvar, territory manager of Agicap Spain, spoke with Pablo Calvo, head sales of PayFit Spain and Aiyana Moorhead, country manager of Pleo Spain, to explain how the economy of SMEs is undergoing major transformations, especially due to the COVID crisis -19, but also due to the continuous digitization process. As a result of this situation, good cash flow management becomes a key factor in achieving digital transformation and maintaining optimal levels of cash flow. solvency and liquidity.

«The objective of this meeting is to show the fundamental role of the smart management of cash flow and the forecast of the treasury, especially in times of uncertainty where there is no margin for a miscalculation or an error produced by improvisation. We want companies in all industries to be able to anticipate future cash stresses, minimizing unforeseen events and preventing all possible scenarios », says Pablo Nebreda, marketing director for Agicap in Spain.

Management and forecasting software

Agicap has software designed for the management and forecasting of the cash flow. Through the use of Artificial Intelligence and data analysis, its platform allows you to easily view available cash in real time. In addition, it automates operations and cash forecasts to control deviations and adjust future assumptions. This makes it possible to make the best decisions, taking into account the impact of strategic actions on cash flow.

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For its part, PayFit allows you to digitize all tasks related to payroll management and HR. Through its platform, it is possible to generate and manage payroll in an automated way, carry out administrative procedures with public bodies, update payroll variables in real time and control HR activities. In the case of Pleo, the company provides smart business cards for employees to make all kinds of purchases related to the workplace, while the company’s financial team tracks expenses in real time.

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