SmartGlobalLab accelerates the development of new drugs with Artificial Intelligence

Mestrelab Research, company specializing in advanced software for the pharmaceutical, chemical and biotechnological industry and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance data processing, as well as chromatography, mass spectrometry and optical spectroscopy (infrared, ultraviolet, Raman, etc.), is immersed in its project “SmartGlobalLab: A global marketplace for pharmaceutical data”in order to collaborate in the acceleration of the development processes of new drugs by applying Artificial Intelligence.

The activities associated with the project are partially financed by the Public Business Entity RED.ES, under the “Call for Aid 2021 for research and development projects in Artificial Intelligence and other digital technologies and their integration into value chains (C005/21-ED)”. Funded by the European Union – NextGenerationEU

This RED.ES initiative aims to promote scientific research and innovation in artificial intelligence, as well as promote technological development for the incorporation of AI in the production processes of value chains. It is part of the National Artificial Intelligence Strategy (ENIA) and is one of the measures of the Digital Spain 2025 agenda and the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, a fundamental instrument for the development of the European recovery funds “Next Generation EU” .

Mestrelab Research has detected two common characteristics between the different public and private entities in the pharmaceutical sector, shared, even, with the chemical and biotechnological sectors: long deadlines in the development of new and efficient drugs/products, to which is added the extreme zeal with which they treasure their own discoveries, these being absolutely confidential. Consequently, there are many sets of scientific data, but no information sharing.

To solve this problem, both Artificial Intelligence and machine learning techniques or machine learning (eg Deep Learning) will allow not only to speed up R&D processes, but also to minimize both their economic costs and the environmental impact.

Uniting these two technologies (Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning), research within the pharmaceutical and chemical sector will allow years of research to be condensed in just a few days, enabling better designs in experimentation, obtaining more efficient solutions. and effective and -above all- at a much lower cost”, assured Santiago Domínguez, CEO of Mestrelab Research.

Through Mestrelab Research’s SmartGlobalLab project, a global environment will be designed that will consolidate the data sets of different types of entities (public and private) in a supra-entity that will allow solving the limitations that pharmaceutical laboratories face today. . In addition, SmartGlobalLab will ensure that the authorship, ownership and transaction of the data of those who have generated it are protected.

Dominguez adds that “it’s a It is tremendous pride to see the great interest that the application of AI in general and Deep Learning in particular has aroused, in a sector as buoyant as biotechnology, transforming Galicia into the main national pole and a clear hub of reference at a European level”.

In this way, Mestrelab Research is positioned as the undisputed leader in R+D+i in the field of Artificial Intelligence within the biotechnology sector. Not surprisingly, at the end of 2022, it announced another great milestone: the opening -in Santiago de Compostela- of the Mestrelab Research Center (CIM), an organization directed purely at the investigation of new developments, which will allow the hiring of 30 researchers of the highest level and that will focus, among other areas, on Artificial Intelligence.

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