Smartphone video games brought in 82 billion euros in 2021, more than consoles and PCs

In 2021, video games on smartphones have passed a historic milestone. For the first time, the market has overtaken that of gaming on home consoles and PC, with a total turnover of 82 billion euros. PUBG and Honor of Kings are the two top-grossing titles.

PUBG mobile
PUBG Mobile. Credit: Unsplash

Today, it is impossible to deny the place of smartphones in the world of video games. In the past (and always a little) looked down on, the latter has gradually established itself as a real challenger to the traditional home consoles and PCs. More accessible and much cheaper – at least, in theory – mobile games are gradually eating away at the market share of their competitors. A finding that can be seen widely in 2020, which is confirmed once again in 2021.

A study by Newzoo indeed reveals that 2021 was a pivotal year for mobile video games. Thus, the sector achieved a turnover of 93 billion dollars, or approximately 82 billion euros. A colossal figure, which is even more so when you put it in perspective. For the first time in their history, games on smartphones occupy more market share than games on consoles and PC combined.

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Mobile gaming establishes itself as the undisputed king

With 52% cumulative market share, video games on smartphones are thus growing by 1.4%. For their part, console games generated $ 50.4 billion (44 billion euros). They are followed by PC games with $ 36.7 billion (32 billion euros). In total, the gaming industry is worth $ 180 billion in 2021 (159 billion euros). Note that according to a study, women spend on average 79% more than men on mobile games.

Another impressive figure is that there are 8 games that have exceeded one billion dollars in sales. In first place is PUBG Mobile with $ 2.8 billion (2.5 billion euros) of income. The battle royale is followed by Honor of kings having generated the same amount. MOBA was ranked first in June 2021. The podium is completed by Genshin Impact. The open world has touched $ 1.8 billion (1.7 billion euros) Last year.

market share mobile game
Credit: Newzoo

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