Smartphones for the elderly, buying guide

So if you’re looking for a specific phone for seniors, here they go. a series of recommendations that you should take into account yes or yes.

Large keys and buttons

It is no longer a question of having a better or worse view. Big buttons and keys guarantee that users do not fail when playingr where they want to, so they don’t get confused when dialing a phone number or choosing the correct option on the screen. If the device has physical keys, better and if not, failing that, we must seek that the interface is capable of adapting with huge screen controls, well differentiated by color and with very precise indications of what they are for.

Large mobile keys.

panic buttons

We all know that older people, as they age, are more likely to fall or risk situations, so it is mandatory to have a phone where that distress call can be activated without having to learn complicated iOS or Android shortcuts. If we want it to be really useful, the model we buy must have a physical button and, if possible, a bright red color that indicates that this is where we have to press in an emergency.

WhatsApp and other applications

It is important that the phone has different ways of communication. Voice calls are essential, but it is also possible to install a messaging application that uses the entire family or friendship environment of the elderly person. WhatsApp is surely the main option, so when buying a phone remember to ask if that model is compatible. Or also with Facebook and video calls.

Battery autonomy

The elderly person’s telephone must have a good battery and, if possible, with an autonomy that resists more than a day. The reason is that in many cases some users forget to leave the smartphone charging when they should and if that scenario occurs, then it would be good if it at least lasts a minimum period of 48 hours continuously on. To avoid disappointment.


It is important that the smartphone is not too expensive, or that it does not cost much to repair in the event of a breakdown or accident. As usual, there are a plethora of options and depending on the idea that we have, we will decide to invest more or less. Anyway, in this segment you have some really interesting phones for an emergency that are overpriced, as well as other more expensive ones that you probably don’t care about because most of the extra features are not going to be used.

The best mobiles for grandparents in 2022

Then we leave you five models you can buy right now for less than 120 euros:


This model is a smartphone with physical keys to pick up or call by phone and a huge SOS button on the front. This helps the elderly person to be perfectly communicated and alert in the face of any emergency. The 5-inch screen is touchscreen and offers an interface with large buttons to facilitate tasks. It is equipped with Android 10 and we can install WhatsApp or any other social media app that we need as well as make video calls.

To facilitate the charging process, has a base that keeps the screen in sight in case we need to be aware of any notification, or to talk on the phone at home. Everything in this SPC Apolo is focused on helping the elderly to have an accessible device with a lot of autonomy.

Funker E500I Easy

Funker is a company focused on especially accessible devices and this model is proof of that. It has physical buttons to pick up the phonea 5.5-inch full color touch screen and very large icons on its interface, Android 10 inside to add any application we need and a charging base to facilitate its use in case you want to watch the television, movies or series.

Funker.On the back there is a physical SOS button. that the user can press and hold to activate emergency calls, making it perfect for dangerous situations. Its GPS capacity will allow you to locate the elderly person exactly on the map in case you have to go looking for them.

gold 8050

This model has all the appearance of a normal smartphone and we might think it won’t help an older person too much. The key to this touch screen device is that it offers a specific program for emergencies. His name is Response by Doro and allows us to press a single button to start the SOS mode quickly and easily.


This device also has an interface mode with large icons, for older people, which allows them to decide which apps they will have in view at all times to enter them with a few clicks. Of course, it is possible to configure WhatsApp or Facebook to keep in touch with the rest of the world and initiate or receive video calls.

Funker C135I

There are many older people who did manage to get used to using mobile phones at the beginning of this century, in the 2000s, when devices with physical keys abounded. so this model It is a tribute to those classics that are surely more useful than the new smartphones for some users. That is why we bring you this terminal with an AMOLED screen, a charging base and the possibility of installing WhatsApp to maintain communication with all your contacts quickly and easily.

Key funker.

This model has a physical SOS button on the back, which by pressing and holding the elderly person can request help in an emergency. In addition, since it has GPS, the assistance will know where to go. It even allows you to make video calls so it has the best of both worlds: the vintage of physical keys and the modern of apps.


And finally we bring you a phone that is just that: a mobile to make and receive calls, nothing more. It has the particularity that it has large keys, so that there are no failures when pressing, as well as an SOS button on the back. It also includes FM radio, alarm clock, Bluetooth and even a calculator, and its battery allows it to standby for around 240 hours, that is, 10 days. Do you really need more?

All Amazon links are part of the affiliate program that allows us to receive a small financial compensation for each sale. All the options proposed in this article have been selected by the editorial criteria of the editors with the intention of making life easier for grandparents.

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