Smart’s future compact SUV has an amazing name and is revealed in new images

Smart’s first electric SUV has a name and like everything from this brand, it’s pretty amazing! “#1”, that’s the name in question, will be launched later this year.

Smart, now managed by a joint venture created by Mercedes-Benz and the Chinese group Geely, has revealed additional information on its electric mini SUV project. First, the vehicle name: #1! The characteristic symbol of hashtags is “ often used to flag the hottest topics of the moment on social media “, explains the manufacturer.

A symbol that will be used on future Smart vehicles

The “#” symbol evokes major trends in our digital age. And of course, Smart intends to make its future SUV one of these trends! In addition, this name will serve as the basis for the brand’s future vehicles, which will therefore be called Smart #2, Smart #3, etc. The manufacturer should present a full range in the coming months, which will be sold in Europe and China.

Credit: Smart

The Smart #1 is revealed in a series of photos published by the company, which show a concept camouflaged behind colorful stickers. The vehicle is 4.39 meters long, which is comparable to the Mini Countryman model (4.31 meters). The version that will actually be produced will likely have the same dimensions and proportions as the concept.

Unfortunately, if we are starting to get a good idea of ​​the exterior of the Smart #1, the manufacturer has been very discreet on the interior cabin. We know there will be a 12.8-inch touchscreen, and of course a steering wheel. Smart should feature a minimalist design.

Credit: Smart

As for the expected performance, it is also very vague. The car will be produced based on the architecture developed by Geely, which supports up to three electric motors. Smart is aimed at an urban clientele, even if the photos show the #1 in an icy area!

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