Smartworking, the solution for companies to retain talent

The pandemic has brought with it teleworking that is going to stay in one way or another, either part-time or full-time, generating more flexible models for the employee.

This flexibility not only affects the employee, but companies also have a great opportunity in front of them to retain and attract talent, by offering conditions adapted to the needs of each worker, regardless of their geographical location and personal situation.

Under this pretext, the smartworking, a flexible work management method developed to help businesses improve their productivity and efficiency by making use of technological innovations. In other words, it is a system that seeks to offer workers the necessary tools to achieve a high level of professional performance at any time and place.

This is possible thanks to technological solutions such as Serban Tech’s WorkSpace as a Service (WaaS), which allow the creation of a virtual workplace, disconnecting the workplace from the physical equipment and allowing tasks to be carried out from any device and anywhere in the world. world.

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“One of the main bases of smartworking is, precisely, allowing employees to choose independently and flexibly when, where and how to work, offering them the necessary tools to do so from the company. This system focuses on the results obtained and not so much on the hours invested to carry out a specific task, “he explains. Carolina Garrido, director of talent and organizational culture at Serban Tech.

The advantage of smartworking are many, but the expert highlights three:

Flexible schedule

Going from a traditional model with pre-established schedules to one based on the fulfillment of objectives, regardless of the hours invested, is what smartworking or agile working seeks. With this work philosophy, it will be the worker himself who establishes his work schedules to carry out the complete work each day, with a fully flexible planning and adaptable to each person.

Geographic freedom

The only condition to work from any geographical point is to have a device with an internet connection. It will no longer be necessary to have a fixed workplace, but it is possible to work from anywhere, be it your own home, a cafeteria or a shopping center. In addition, to allow better mobility, since it is not necessary to use the computer. WaaS solutions like those offered by Serban Tech, in addition to geographic freedom, allow you to work from any device, be it mobile or tablet.


The above benefits add one more advantage: the reconciliation between work and family life. Thus, offering flexible and autonomous work, without pre-established schedules or a defined physical place, implies that it will be much easier to combine personal and work life, finding the perfect balance.

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