SMEs believe poor technology is hurting their productivity

According to an Adobe study, “The future of digital work” in Spanish, almost half of those surveyed stated that they associate “being productive” with doing work that has more impact (45%), compared to generating income for the company or even do more work, faster and with less. It is not surprising, therefore, that more than half of small business workers (52%) take personal responsibility for their productivity at work, even going so far as to try harder to be in the office 100% of the time (47%) compared to large companies (37%).

It is clear that small businesses care about being productive. Although the workload and the way it is done can get in the way, economic and social stressors continue to kill productivity. These stressors continue to be a major concern for large companies (72%), but even so, more than 60% of respondents say their productivity is affected by external economic concerns such as a possible recession and inflation. The top three concerns for small business employees are the high cost of living, the possibility of inflation, and wage disparity, in that order.

The reality for small businesses is that external stressors and workload continue to impact their productivity, and global brands aren’t doing enough to support worker productivity, even as economic pressures increase. Nearly the majority (85%) know that technology plays a critical role in helping them work faster and smarter so they can focus on more impactful work. More than 88% of SMBs say that poor technologies are hurting the productivity of their business.

For example, just over half (55%) believe that at least half of their company’s work It’s still on paper. This outdated way of working only adds to the frustration of small business workers, with more than a third (34%) wanting to quit their job because of poor technology. This frustration has caused more than half (58%) to lose between two and four hours of productivity per day.

He cost of bad technology is not only in hours, but also in motivation. Nearly a quarter (21%) of small business employees will complain to their boss about poor workplace technologies, and the same number of workers (22%) will consider quitting in the next six months due to poor work technology.

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