Snapchat +: stories can now remain on view for a week

Snapchat has just announced several new features to come for users of Snapchat+, its premium plan. Among them, we note the possibility of choosing the lifespan of the stories, from one hour only up to a week.

Snapchat+ new features
Credits: Snapchat

Towards the end of June 2022, Snapchat announced the launch of Snapchat+, a premium plan offering exclusive features billed at €3.99 per month. Through this subscription, users can claim more options for personalizing their profile, as well as priority access to assistance in case of problems with the application.

It is also possible to know which people have reviewed your stories, pin one of your friends as a BFF (or Best friend) or change the style of the app icon. Gold, Snapchat has just announced this Friday, October 21, 2022 additional features on Snapchat+.

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Snapchat+ new features
Credits: Snapchat

New features are coming to Snapchat+

The main new feature is the ability to choose the lifespan of your stories, from just one hour to one week instead of the default 24 hours set by the app. “With the all-new custom stories expiration, you can schedule your story snaps to expire after an hour or up to a week. With this new feature, you can keep your friends seeing your special Snaps worth sharing for longer, or keep them coming back for your funniest, most fleeting moments.” writes Snapchat.

That’s not all. Snapchat also presented other new features:

  • Custom notification sounds allow you to set different tones for each friend so you can know who sent you a Snap without looking at your phone
  • Custom color borders allow you to display your favorite color on the screen when capturing content
Snapchat+ new features
Credits: Snapchat

Additionally, Snapchat added three new Bitmoji backgroundsexclusive, seasonal and spooky” to decorate your Snapchat profile for Halloween. According to the application, this new version of Snapchat+ now allows users to take advantage of 12 exclusive features.

As a reminder, Snapchat finally rolled out a browser-accessible version in September 2022. This was a particularly requested feature by users, and it was time for Snapchat to catch up with the competition, TikTok and Instagram already offering a web version.

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