Snapchat Web is now available to everyone

It was in July when Web Snapchat It was launched, but it was only for certain markets and only for users of Snapchat +, the service’s payment plan that includes exclusive functions. Now, however, it is already available to everyone.

Thus, it is now possible for all users of this instant messaging service with flashes of the social network to access it via any web browsersomething that until now was only available to those who live in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, and only if they were subscribers of Snapchat +.

Snapchat Web is exactly what it sounds like: the mobile app brought to the web, complete with all its features, including sending photos, audio and video calls, reactions, lenses, and more, plus a new privacy option that will automatically hide the chat window if anything other than the tab is selected.

If you are interested in trying Snapchat Web, you just have to identify yourself on the official site with your credentials.

Web Snapchat

Snapchat WebPC

In another order of things, Snapchat announces more news, such as its new widgets for the iPhone lock screen, taking advantage of the fact that iOS 16 is now also available for all Apple users (those who can access the update, that is: from iPhone 8 onwards).

Be that as it may, Snapchat Web is the highlight that comes to offer a service that, without being among the most used, has been growing little by littleas we said, as an instant messaging application -this was one of those that popularized ephemeral messages- with much of a social network thanks to the importance it gives to filters.

According to the most recent statistics, Snapchat’s user base grew by around 13 million daily active users throughout the first quarter of 2022, totaling around 332 million users worldwide.

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