Snapchat will add advertising to better compensate its creators

The social network wants to bet on story ads, and share the gains with content creators.

Snapchat is experimenting with a new way to remunerate its creators. As on TikTok, the application is currently testing the possibility of integrating advertisements directly into the stories feed. Currently restricted to a small group of US users, the feature should be rolled out more widely in the coming months.

Remunerate creators… but not only

For Snapchat, the advantage of this approach is twofold: not only does the company hope retain its content creators by dissuading them from joining the competition, but in addition it would grant itself a nice piece of the cake. When an advertisement is broadcast on Snapchat, it will pay both the Internet user concerned and the platform. Note that initially, the addition of advertising will only be accessible to Snap Stars certified users.

If the advertisements have already been implemented in the application, the fact of remunerating the creators is on the other hand unprecedented: until now, the advertisements appeared between two stories, but did not offer any remuneration to the creators who “shared” their contents with them. It must be said that the uses brought by TikTok have also changed the situation for Snapchat: the social network, until then rather reserved for exchanges between friends, is slowly starting to imitate its rival, in particular via the tab spotlight. A situation that has not escaped the CEO of the company Evan Spiegel. The businessman even admitted to his investors at the start of the year that the Chinese social network was the future of social networks.

Encourage creators

In addition to these new advertising revenues, content creators will now be able to count on new financial windfalls : in addition to the investments linked to its development, Spotlight has already enabled influencers to collect more than $250 million in 2021 alone from the company. Last year, Snapchat also set up its Spotlight Challenges, aimed at financially rewarding the most creative videos.

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