Snippet launches Myme, a video marketing solution for SMEs

The Spanish startup, Snippethas launched a new solution for SMEs, Mymes. It is a platform with which any company can create totally individualized videos, greeting each client by name. Thanks to Snippet’s own technology, which includes the analysis of pronunciation and voice patterns, medium and small businesses will be able to approach their customers in a personalized way, generating a surprise ‘WOW’ effect at a minimal price.

This solution is developed through a SaaS (Software as a Service) model, and thanks to the thousands of pre-recorded messages that Myme makes available to companies, SMEs can combine the videos to create totally different messages and personalize the content to the maximum. . These spots use speech-in-mouth technology, analyzing voice and pronunciation patterns, so that each user feels unique and not lose the close treatment that differentiates SMEs from large companies.

The big companies need to give a close treatment; and SMEs -which were already doing it- finally have a digital tool so as not to lose that differential value. With Myme we have managed to democratize technology and good content, so that the tool helps companies to call each client by name, as they have always done in the physical world, and now they can continue virtually”says Carlos Sánchez, CEO of Snippet.

An innovative way to connect with your audience

To capture the attention of customers and stand out from the competition in the market, Myme is developed under the strategy of “minimum viable product” or “lean startup”, so that as time goes by, the product is perfected. and adjusting to the needs of SMEs based on the feedback received.

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Each company will be able to see a large number of possible messages to send to their clients over a month or a year. The Myme marketing team has already done a large selection of messages that companies should consider in order to retain their customers, such as shopping thanks, welcome to the service, communicating sales, Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, Prime Day, etc.; these being of the same quality as those used by large companies to communicate the biggest announcements of the year.

All these videos are hosted under a link that companies can send using their usual channels. Likewise, SMEs will finally have access to essential statistics like large companies do, to analyze the engagement received and be able to adjust as much as possible marketing strategies.

Faced with this new reality, Snippet has set itself the goal now and in the future: to put people at the center, provide social and innovative solutions that take care of details and help companies reach their customers by personalizing the message”, Exposes Carlos Sánchez, CEO of Snippet.

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