Snowpiercer 4 is official: the TV series has been renewed for a fourth season

Even before the debut of the highly anticipated third season, the official confirmation arrives that Snowpiercer 4 it will do.

As reported by Deadline, the news comes directly from Daveed Diggs, interpreter of Layton in the TV series, with a video announcement in which the actor addressed directly to fans of the post apocalyptic show based on the French graphic novel Le Transperceneige which in 2013 became an award-directed film Oscar Bong Joon-ho.

Snowpiercer 4 video announcement

The first two seasons saw a crescendo of emotions linked to the main events narrated by the TV series and the intertwining of the stories of the passengers of the Snowpiercer, an ark-train that runs incessantly around the globe and welcomes the last surviving humans, the last humans, with the latter. who try to coexist in a delicate balance made up of strictly separate social classes.

What has happened so far on the Snowpiercer


The return of Wilford managed to further complicate the already difficult situation aboard the Snowpiercer. Andrew Layton, after taking command of the train, he immediately found himself face to face with its owner, who returned to take back his locomotive. Idolized by many passengers, through petty plans and moves beyond belief, Wilford manages to get the train population to cheer him on and bring him back at the head of the train. Melanie Cavill, the only person who can seriously combat it has gotten off the train to research the climate and find out if the earth’s temperature is really rising.

With Melanie out of the picture for most of the season, Wilford was able to carry out his reconquest plans and separate all members of the “rebellion”. When everything seems lost, a new flame of hope spreads and pushes Layton and his companions to try to take back the train, first trying to recover Melanie.

Thanks also to the help of Alex, Melanie’s daughter, Layton’s group manages to take control of the locomotive and disengage from the rest of the train, to return to pick up Melanie lost in the snow and retrieve the weather data.

Melanie seems to have disappeared but the data found by Layton and Alex confirm that the earth is slowly warming up and that life may soon return to the planet.

At this point the two separate trains are ready to reunite in the third season and face the decisive battle for the control of the Snowpiercer and the safety of its passengers.

When is Snowpiercer 4 released?

At the moment, no release date of Snowpiercer 4 has been revealed, with the fourth season which, like the previous ones, will arrive on US screens via TNT, while in Italy it will always be Netflix to broadcast the new episodes.

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