So are the Nomad Sport Band straps in green and gray for the Apple Watch

Undoubtedly, the most successful accessories among Apple Watch users are the straps and in this case Nomad is one of the firms that we have to take into account by the time we are looking at the news in conjunction with the Apple Watch Series 7.

The Californian firm does not disappoint and launches with each new model new straps for the Apple watch, or rather, new colors. These colors logically match the new colors of the watch and in this case the Nomad Sport Band models offer the new Dune, Ashh Green and Marine Blue finishes so that your Apple Watch looks spectacular.

Nomad design means spectacular design

Nomad Sport Band Strap

And it is that this model of Nomad Sport Band strap It has been available in the firm’s store for a while and is a real hit with Apple Watch users. It has a spectacular design with a really secure closure that is consistent with the quality closures used by Apple itself.

Of course, we cannot say that Nomad’s products are poorly designed, they all convince users and make you want to buy their products. They look at each other a lot in this aspect but also in the quality of the materials used for their manufacture.

The comfort of these straps is brutal

Nomad Sport Band strap on

This is not a low quality product and this is noticeable when you use it for a long time. In the images that you have in this article, the Sport Band Lunar Gray strap has already been used for a long time. These straps are very comfortable to use for day-to-day or physical activity of any type.

For their placement they offer a really comfortable closure to use. It is not difficult to hold the Apple Watch in a place without light since the closure is simply similar to that used in Apple silicone straps but somewhat thicker. We can say that these closures are the most comfortable to place the watch in its place.

High-quality and resistant construction materials

Nomad Sport Band green strap

As we said above, the materials that Nomad uses for these Sport Band straps are like a kind of silicone but very similar to those used by Apple, I would even say that the material is somewhat more resistant. In this case, the closure and the many holes that we have available in the strap allow a very good fit on the wrist. It is true that with the price they have they could add a long part plus something shorter as they do in Apple, but it is true that the measures are quite standard and you will have no adjustment problem.

The resistance of these straps is brutal and they are somewhat elastic. The truth is that the resistance to the elements is very good and in the event that you have to clean it of sweat, mud or the like, simply using water they are as good as new. You can also use some soap but the material with which these straps are made makes them not give off a bad smell, so a water rinse is more than enough for cleaning.

Price and availability

Nomad Sport Band Strap

The most important thing about these Nomad straps is to bear in mind that they are of excellent quality and that therefore their price will not be that of an imitation strap that you can find in any online store. Nomad is synonymous with high quality and therefore its prices are not the cheapest on the market, but they can be compared with high quality products and see that they are quite adjusted in price. In this case, the Nomad Sport Band straps have a price of about 54 euros to change.

On the official website, we recommend you buy if you live in the United States, if you live here it is best to go through the Macnificos website, which right now has some models on offer for this strap. For example, the Lunar Gray model for an Apple Watch of 42, 44 or 45 mm you can have it for 49.99 euros. If you want the model in black for these same measurements you can get it for 34.99 euros which is a real bargain.

Editor’s opinion

Nomad Sport Band
  • Editor’s rating
  • 5 star rating

??34.99 to ??54.99


  • New design and colors
  • Strong and secure closure
  • Ease of use


  • Just add a strap measurement

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