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With the passage of time, Windows begins to work slowly and give all kinds of problems. This is due to many reasons, although one of the most frequent is due to the fact of accumulating junk and unnecessary files, which fill up our hard drive and overload the system with unnecessary data. For this reason, cleaning temporary files and reviewing configurations is one of the essential tasks to ensure that our PC works in the best possible way.

We can carry out this maintenance by hand, or resort to specialized programs for this task. There is a lot of cleaning software for Windows, but the best known, and the one that we have all installed and used at some point is CCleaner. However, given the importance of this maintenance, Microsoft not having its own cleanup program is very strange. However, it seems that he has finally realized the importance of this type of software and that the Windows “Storage Sense” is not enough.

And here we have what will soon become a new must-have for Windows: PCManager.

This is PC Manager, the new Windows cleaner

PC Manager is a new cleaning and optimization program for Windows developed directly by Microsoft to allow users to keep their computers always up to date. This program has an interface according to the new design of Windows 11 and allows us to know, in just a glance, the general state of leaving the computer.

The program itself has several functions. The first one is boost, which allows us with a click to close all unnecessary processes and clean all junk files from the PC without having to do anything else or check anything ourselves. On the other hand, we find its function of system space management, a section where we will be able to see in detail all the temporary, cache and unnecessary files and eliminate everything that is not essential for Windows. Thanks to health-check we will be able to carry out a complete analysis of the health status of the system to obtain recommendations to improve the functioning of the PC, either by deleting files or giving us recommendations to solve problems. Of course, for the program, not using Edge as the default browser is a problem.


Other functions that we find in this software are:

  • Deep Cleanup. It allows us to access the trash can space, and other more internal sections of the system, to achieve a much deeper cleaning.
  • Process Management. It allows us to see all the processes that are loaded in memory, what they spend, and allows us to free their space.
  • Applications at startup. We can see all the programs that are configured to run when we turn on the PC to disable those that do not interest us. Of course, those of Microsoft (OneDrive and Edge) do not appear here.
  • Security. One last section from which we are going to be able to carry out a complete analysis of the security of our computer. We will look for system weaknesses, updates, and look at various tips to improve security. Even the browser extensions and the frequent routes used by viruses are analyzed to make sure that nothing and nobody endangers our PC.


Download and try the program

This program has not yet been presented by the company, and the download can only be done from the program’s website, which is in Chinese. Once installed, the program can be used in English as well. And, when it reaches the whole world, we will be able to use it in all other languages, including Spanish. We have downloaded it, but it gave us an error when running it for the first time in Windows 11 22H2.

Although it still has a lot of development left, we must admit that we are facing a program with a lot of potential. However, it is important to note that is not impartialsince it tries to force us to use Edge as the default browser, and does not allow us to disable Microsoft programs from the start of the PC.

We will have to see how its development continues to evolve.

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