so I deleted them in seconds and without programs

When we search for images on the internet, depending on what type they are, we can find images that include a watermark, a watermark that indicates their origin. Using these images with a watermark gives a very poor result, so if possible, it is advisable not to do so. But, if we don’t have time to look for alternatives, or we like the one we have found a lot, we can remove watermarks quickly without installing any programs.

Removing watermarks is a process that we can do both with Photoshop and other photo editing applications like GIMP, however, it is not a quick task, and it is far from easy. Fortunately, the easiest solution is to use some of the different web pages that allow us to do this job automatically.


Watermark Remover is a website where we can remove watermarks both of images that we have stored in the computer and of images that are found on the internet. It is compatible with the most used formats, including support for the WebP format. The operation of the application is very simple.

The first thing we must do is visit this website and click on Upload image (if we have it stored on the computer) and click on URL to enter the web address where the image is located. Finally, we click on the button Send and wait for the process to complete. The only limitation that this website offers us is that the maximum size of the images must be 2400×2400. This website also has an application for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Aiseesoft Free Watermark Remover

Aiseesoft is an interesting website completely free with which we can remove watermarks without seconds. It is compatible with JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP and TIFF formats, making it one of the websites that offers the greatest support for image formats.

Aiseesoft Remove Watermarks

Once we have uploaded the image to the web, a simple editor will open where we must select the area where the watermark we want to remove is located. We can modify the size of the brush so that the selection is more precise. If we make a mistake, we can click on the eraser and delete the area we have selected.


Another interesting website with which we can also remove watermarks without having to install any application is InPaint. This web page allows us to upload files with a maximum of 10 MB and a maximum resolution of 4 mpx, making it ideal for larger images. It supports JPG, PNG and WebP formats.

To remove any watermark using this website, we just have to access it and click on the Upload Image button. Next, an editor will open where we can select the watermarks we want to remove.

InPaint remove watermarks

Unlike other websites, which carry out the process automatically, with InPaint we can carry out the process manually to control the process at all times, selecting the areas where the watermark is located and pressing the button Erase. If we don’t like the changes or we want to adjust them, we can revert the changes and go back to the beginning.

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