So I download YouTube videos to MP3 to listen to them while I walk

On YouTube we can find literally everything: from absurd videos that are useless to complete interviews, podcasts, and even courses that we can follow to improve our knowledge. However, it is increasingly difficult to find a time in which to sit quietly to watch a video on the computer. Since a perfect time to listen to videos is while we are walking or exercising, and that Youtube it doesn’t let you listen to any video with its app (unless, of course, you pay), this trick will surely come in handy.

Not all YouTube videos are for viewing. Obviously there are things that do require being in front of the screen, like gameplay of a game. However, a lot of content, such as an interview, a product analysis, a course, an audiobook, etc., can be heard perfectly without having to look at the screen all the time.

Listening to YouTube videos with the screen off on the mobile is a function that we can only use if we pay for YouTube Premium. This subscription costs 12 euros per month, too expensive unless we are very regular users of this platform. Therefore, if what we want is to be able to listen to a video, with the screen turned off, and without the need for the Internet, one way to do it is to download it directly to MP3. That’s how you do it.

Download a video to MP3

Obviously, Google doesn’t like this practice very much, so there are fewer and fewer websites that allow you to download videos in MP3, and many may stop working overnight. However, for each one that dies, two are born, so, searching a bit, we will always have alternatives and ways to do this.

One of the first websites we are going to see is SnapSave. This is a Youtube to mp3 converter perfect both for downloading music and any other video that we want to save in MP3 format. It works on all types of devices (even on mobile phones) so we can carry out the conversion directly on the device where we want to save the file.


Another similar website that allows us to download YouTube videos to MP3 is YouMp3. It is a very simple converter in which we only have to paste the link of the video that we want to download and let the program take care of everything else. At the end of the conversion, with one click we can download the video to the PC or directly to the mobile.


Finally, if we prefer to use a program as such, we can use the classic jdownloader. This is one of the most complete download managers that we can find, a program that will allow us, among many other things, to directly download any video from the Internet (not only from YouTube) in MP3 format to listen to it wherever and whenever we want.

Download video YouTube JDownloader - 1

And now that?

Now that we have our favorite videos in MP3, all we need is a music player to listen to them. All mobile phones, both Android and iOS, have their own multimedia players included by default, so we won’t need anything special to be able to use this program. we will only have to copy MP3 to mobileeither by Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or by connecting the mobile phone to the computer by cable, save it in the internal memory, and that’s it.

In addition, if we use other wearable devices, such as a smartwatch, which can store and play MP3, we can also save it on it to be able to listen to the content even without having to take the mobile with us and, most importantly, without the Internet.

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