so i got my work life in a few seconds

Thanks to electronic certificates, there are many procedures that we can do comfortably from anywhere without having to go to official bodies. Not only can we carry out procedures at the Treasury, but we can also access our Laboral life.

Working life offers us information about the years we have contributed, the time we have been working in each company (or as self-employed) in addition to labor contributions, essential contributions to calculate unemployment (if we had the need to collect it) or to pension calculation.

If we need to know this data, either out of curiosity or need to carry out a bureaucratic procedure, we can access our work life and quickly download the report from our computer as long as we have the corresponding digital certificate, since it is the most comfortable method to identify ourselves to through the internet, but not the only one available to access Social Security and obtain our working life data.

Access to work life from the internet

The first thing we must do, once we have made sure that we have the corresponding digital certificate installed and in force, is to visit the social security website and identify ourselves using the electronic certificate. The direct link to apply for working life is this. and where we have to click on Request work life. Below are shown 4 options available to request the working life and download it in our team: Cl@ve Permanent, Cl@ve PIN, Via SMS and DNIe or certificate. Regardless of the method we use, once identified on the platform, the work history will automatically be displayed in PDF format to download to our computer.

Request Work life internet

Permanent Password

If we have a Permanent Code we can use it in combination with our DNI to access working life. If we do not have a permanent key, we can request a temporary key that is only valid to access Social Security and download work life. We will receive this code through the mobile phone number that this organization has registered in our name.

Cl@ve PIN

If we do not have an electronic certificate or DNIe, we can use this method to identify ourselves in Social Security and apply for employment in just a few seconds. This method differs from the Permanent Cl@ve, since every time we want to access, it is necessary request a new passwordkey that has a time limited to one session.


Another of the options that we have at our disposal is to request this procedure through an SMS that we will receive with a key that we must enter on the social security website that is displayed just after requesting access via SMS. This key is a single use, so every time we want to request a new job via SMS, we will have to request the access password again.

DNIe or certificate

The certificate must be correctly installed in the browser and must not be expired, otherwise we will not be able to use it to identify ourselves. When clicking on this option, a window will automatically be displayed inviting us to select certificate that we want to use and automatically our work life will be shown on the screen in a PDF document that we can download to our computer.

Other options

If we do not have any of the identification methods that are needed to prove that we are who we claim to be, we can use another available option to receive the certificate at home without having to go to the social security offices. Through the following link, we can request that they send us by traditional mail, the working life. In this form we must correctly enter all the data requested, data that must coincide with what Social Security has of us.

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