so I renewed it without problems

Online platforms and services to carry out all kinds of tasks have grown ostensibly throughout the pandemic that we have all suffered. Obviously once that period has passed, these web pages continue to function and allow us to process a large number of official documents through our Internet navigator Favourite.

This is the case of some of the most important certificates that we may need to carry out all kinds of procedures. We no longer need to go to official buildings as we had to do just a few years ago. At this moment we have certain internet portals and secure authentication systems to do all of this. Next, we are going to talk about the easiest way to renew two certificates that may not be very helpful on multiple occasions.

Renew the FNMT certificate through the internet

First of all, we are going to talk about one of the most used digital certificates. We refer to the one that issues the National Factory of Coin and Stamp that allows us to identify ourselves when carrying out a large number of procedures through the Internet. However, as happens with many other digital certificates that we use at the moment, this one belonging to the FNMT needs to be updated periodically. Therefore, now we are going to show you how to renew it to carry out all kinds of procedures in public administrations.

For this, at first we only need to access our favorite internet browser and locate ourselves on this official website. In the left panel of the same we will have to select the type of certificate, that is, to Physical persons, representatives, component, etc. Generally, most cases will be that of natural persons, where we click.

In the new window that then appears, specifically on the left side, click on the option Renew. Next, we will only have to identify ourselves electronically with one of the proposed methods and download the corresponding personalized digital certificate. All this through the assistant that we found on the website that we mentioned before.

This is how you renew the DNIe in a simple way

We also have the possibility to renew our eDNIe quickly and easily, although in this case we will have to move a little more. We say this because we will have to go to an authorized physical place for this renewal process. Specifically, we will be forced to update or renew this DNIe certificate through an authorized point such as a Police station.

In this place we will find a machine specially indicated for all this where we introduce the document and follow the steps indicated for its correct update and renewal. It is worth mentioning that the use of these machines is adapted for all types of users, even those who do not have experience in all of this. Of course, it will be essential that for the renewal of the DNIe let’s have the corresponding PIN of the same that the software of the machine will request.

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