So make sure to always use the latest TeamViewer update

It is possible that many of you in recent times have heard of this particular application. As you can imagine, these are applications that allow us to connect to other computers without leaving our site. For instance, TeamViewer It will be very useful when it comes to solving problems on the computer of a family member or friend without having to access their home, as was the case in the past. Thanks to these remote desktop centric programs we will be able to enter and operate those computers with problems from our own.

It is evident that for all this that we are commenting on, we necessarily need a stable internet connection, at least. In addition, to carry out this connection process, the other computer needs to have this program installed and the access code to be provided to us.

As it could not be otherwise this type of remote desktop applications such as TeamViewer, they put at our disposal a series of security features. These prevent anyone from maliciously accessing our equipment through these software platforms. But that does not mean that these solutions are perfect or totally secure, hence the updates they receive periodically.

Make sure you have the latest TeamViewer update

Taking into consideration that we are talking about applications that are almost constantly connected to the internet and exchanging all kinds of data, safety is key. One of the most important precautions that we must take in this regard, that we talk about TeamViewer of any other software, is to keep it updated. This is precisely why we are going to talk about a cool TeamViewer feature.

If we configure it appropriately, we make sure that we always have the latest program update. In addition, this is something that we will achieve automatically so we will be protected against possible vulnerabilities appeared. Well, the first thing we are going to do to achieve this goal is to start the remote desktop application in a conventional way. From its main interface, before connecting it to any other equipment, we will access the Extras / Options menu option.

Here we are going to find a new window that offers us a multitude of parameters and functionalities to customize the program. However, the section that interests us is called Advanced, where we must click. Now we come to the window that interests us and where we can adjust the program to always have the latest update. We just have to specify in the drop-down list Install new versions automatically, that this takes place every week. With this modification what we really achieve is that TeamViewer, to be more secure, looks for the most recent update sent by its developer to install it itself.

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