So update Caliber and improve the program in seconds

Surely many of you already know that it is one of the managers that we can use at this time for this type of files. There are users who can even count by thousands the files belonging to electronic books that they have saved on their disk drives. Despite the folders and subfolders we create to be able to organize all this in the most convenient way, we do not always have the expected success.

This negatively means that when we want to locate a certain book, it becomes an exasperating task. However, if we use the interface of any of these managers ebooks, as it happens with Caliber, all of this is made quite easy. This could be considered the most used and popular proposition in this sector, and with good reason.

There are several functions and characteristics that make this program a leader when it comes to managing our electronic books. In fact, we could say that from here we have the possibility of carrying out all kinds of actions with these digital content. (contentbeta) To this we add the fact that it is updated every so often, which allows to implement new features and correct possible mistakes, in addition to improving existing functions.

Automatic Caliber update

We have several methods when it comes to updating this powerful program, something that we recommend that you do as soon as possible. It is true that updates arrive every so often, but despite losing a few seconds updating, this is something that we will appreciate in the long run. The program does not provide us with any integrated function that allows us to update, but it does inform us of any new version available just start.

In this way, put Caliber into operation, the application itself will inform us that there is an update that we can install. From there we just have to press the Update button, something that we can also do from the same window with the add-ons.

Update run caliber

Install the latest version from the program itself

At the same time, it may be the case that at that moment we do not have time to update the application. If we close this warning window and restart Caliber again, it will not appear again until at least the next day. We have already commented on several occasions about the importance of installing the most recent versions of the programs we use.

Therefore, in the event that we want to benefit from the latest functions that come to the application or correct certain errors, we can always carry out this process from the software. If we take a look at the bottom right of the main interface We will see a small message that says Update found. In this way, we only have to click on the corresponding link to start the process itself.

update gauge

Download caliber from its official website

At the same time, we will always have the possibility of downloading the program again from the official Caliber website. Once we download the corresponding installation file, we will only have to run it on our computer. What we must be clear about is that when it detects that there is a earlier version installed, what it will do is update it.

However, the configurations already predefined nor the stored contents, so we should not be afraid of losing anything to update in this way.

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