So you can change the sensitivity of 3D Touch

3D Touch is a technology that Apple introduced in September 2015 and that allows you to identify the level of pressure with which you are pressing the screen. This can be done by means of specially developed hardware for the occasion. The best thing about this technology is that just like you can configure the sensitivity of the touch screen, You can also configure the sensitivity of the 3D Touch so that it adapts better to our hand. It may be that we press more or less strongly, and this is what this setting that Apple has included in its mobile phones aims to solve.

By pressing harder, certain actions will appear that are not visible to the naked eye. As if they were shortcuts. And some are really useful. They are only compatible with all iPhones from models 6s and 7. So that you can see what 3D Touch is about, we are going to give you some of the most curious functions of this technology. To do this, you will have to go to the Control Center and try:

  • Press hard on the flashlight icon to choose the degree of intensity of illumination. High, medium or low.
  • Press hard on the timer to start the countdown in 1 hour, 20, 5 or 1 minute.
  • Press hard on the calculator to copy the last result obtained.
  • Squeeze hard on the camera to access four modes: selfie, photo, video, or slow motion.

These are some of the most basic functions of this technology, and as you can see, they are quite useful and practical. Just by putting a little extra force on the screen you can save yourself from opening a few applications and a few more steps. It also works with third-party applications, such as Twitter or Instagram.

These are the steps you must follow

It is a very simple process that should be mandatory when configuring the mobile phone. 3D Touch is a very interesting tool that if you don’t know how to handle it well, it’s more of a drag. Here are the steps we must follow to get to the 3D Touch configuration:

  1. Go to Phone Settings.
  2. Scroll down to the General section.
  3. Go to Accessibility.
  4. Go to the 3D Touch section.
  5. Pick the exact point on the scroll bar.

As you will see, from that same menu you can disable 3D Touch if you don’t like it or if you haven’t gotten used to it yet. Everything related to this technology will be modified from this specific section of the settings of our iPhone. This function is not specific to iPhones, but we also have it available on some iPads. If you want to deactivate the 3D Touch function, the steps are practically the same as those you have read above, but at the end of the options there will be one that says Activate/Deactivate.

3d Touch Settings

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