So you can claim a fine, even if you have already paid it

The different platforms and web pages that we can use these days allow us to carry out a multitude of official procedures from the comfort of home. It is enough that we start our PC and start the browser to be able to carry out the same in a matter of minutes.

While just a few years ago we had to wait several hours to go in person to certain public buildings, today we can save all of this. More since the pandemic that has ravaged almost the entire world in recent years. These official bodies have tried, as far as possible, to spare us the face-to-face visits to crowded places.

Serve as a clear example of all this that related to the traffic, permits and fines. These are procedures that for years we have had to carry out in person at the different traffic headquarters, but now we can speed them up and do them on-line. Surely on many occasions we have received a fine that we did not expect, or yes, but that is not a dish of pleasure for anyone. In most cases we have no choice but to pay it as soon as possible to try to save a percentage of it.

However, the economy is not ready to make this type of disbursement if we consider that they are not fair. We tell you all this because we have the possibility to claim these fines right now, even after having paid them. Obviously we are referring to the fines sent to us by the General direction of traffic for any infringement, or alleged infringement, that we have committed. It is important to know that once we have paid the fine as such, we accept the charges for which we have been charged.

Claim DGT fines online

This means that we will have the possibility to claim a fine that we have already paid for various specific reasons. So that we get an idea of ​​all this, this is a claim process that we can carry out if the charge has been doubled, we consider that some anomaly has occurred when the sanction was carried out, or simply the DGT you’re wrong. For whatever reason we believe we are owed return the payment of that finelet’s see how to do it through the internet.

The first thing we must do for all this is access from our web browser to the official page of the Directorate General of Traffic for these tasks. This will take us to the web specially designed and called Request for refund of fines.

Obviously, in order to carry out all this process that we are discussing, we will have to identify ourselves on the website itself. This is something we can do through a digital certificate or through the Cl@ve method. To request a refund of the money paid for the fine, we will have to fill out the corresponding form digitally to explain in detail what happened.

fine form

From there we will only have to wait for our return request to be accepted once we have sent it to the General Directorate of traffic.

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