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Among the many built-in tools found in the Windows system, the seeker It is one of the most careful and worked by Microsoft. But that does not mean that it has been successful with its operation, all this despite the efforts that have been growing in the new versions of the system.

With this, what we really want to tell you is that, with the passage of time and the versions of Windows, the software giant has tried to improve its integrated search engine. However, as many of you have seen first-hand, the firm has not been as successful as expected. And it is that when it comes to locating content that we have stored in the disk drives in windowsIt is often a nightmare. All this despite activating the content indexing function that the operating system itself offers us.

In fact, we could affirm that locating certain files that we are looking for among the many saved ones, with the Windows search engine is almost impossible. Hence, a growing number of users decide to use external third-party solutions. With these we mean that we have the possibility of installing and using certain programs that replace this function of Windows in a much more effective way. It is precisely for all this that we are going to show you some examples that will surely be very useful for you. find files on pc.

In addition, we must take into account that some of these present us with certain additional functions that will be very interesting for these tasks. In turn, we can do all this without having to pay a single euro.


One of the alternatives to search for content in Windows is found in the VX Search program. We are faced with a software solution that basically focuses on helping us locate files and folders stored on disk drives. All this through an intuitive user interface that helps us in these tasks thanks to its design.

One of its main features is that it allows us to create our own personalized search profiles in order to expedite the process. It is also worth noting the different filters that we can establish when performing these tasks.


Another very interesting option is found in this proposal to search for files in Windows, which is also open source. Internally, it puts at our disposal a powerful search engine that greatly speeds up these processes in comparison with the windows genuine tool. This will allow us to find what we are looking for among the hard drives in a matter of seconds.

For all this, it uses a content indexing system and also provides us with a series of filters to further limit these search tasks.

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There is no doubt that if what we are looking for is efficiency when locating our files and folders in the Windows locations, this is a very interesting option. It is a program that replaces the criticized Windows tool and that allows us to locate any content in a few seconds.

In addition, to make it even more effective, we have the possibility of establishing a series of rules to limit these tasks. In fact, and by way of help, the program itself offers us a series of wizards and guides to help us get the most out of the search application.

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