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Among the different social networks that we can use right now to interact with users from all over the world, Instagram is one of the most beloved. At this point, most of us do not need to tell you that its contents are focused on the publication of photos and videos that we share with the rest.

With the passage of time, new functions and modes have been added. publication, but the contents shared here are basically those. We can make longer or shorter videos, as well as photographic compositions of all kinds. This way we have the possibility of sharing experiences and knowledge, in a much more graphic and entertaining than on other social platforms. In addition, we will also have the possibility to create our own account completely free of charge to share those personal experiences with the rest of the globe.

Precisely for all this, this is one of the most loved and used social networks by the world of celebrities, that is, by famous people. We can find some of these that they use regularly Instagram and that they have tens or even hundreds of millions of followers. It is not usual, true, but this helps us to get an idea of ​​the importance that the publications that we do here, or that those we follow do. As it could not be otherwise, surely most have tried to download the photos published here from others in a conventional way.

With this we mean to download these publications in the form of images by clicking with the right mouse button on them. This is the mode of operation of most of the websites that we find on the internet.

Download Instagram photos easily

But with everything and with it we must bear in mind that Goal, owner of Instagram, has this feature disabled. Despite these limitations that the social platform presents us natively, we must know that it is not impossible to download those photos of other users that we follow. In fact, this is a fairly simple process if we set our minds to it, as we will see below. Moreover, in these same lines we are going to show you two simple tricks with which you can download and save those images that interest you and that were published on Instagram.

Although by default and conventionally we cannot download those photos published on the social network, we can always take a screenshot of them and save them. To do this, we just have to click on the print button on the keyboard to save the screen content to the system clipboard. Next, we just have to paste all that content into a new document in any photo editor. It even works for us paintingthe program that comes included with Windows.

On the other hand, we can use the Igram web application where we only have to copy the exact URL of the photo that we want to download. Next, this web platform will be in charge of showing us that content so that we can download it in a conventional way and save it in the disk drives. Perhaps many of you are also interested in knowing that this same web application will also be used to download videos posted on Instagram by others.

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