So you can fix the tearing within Valorant

There are games in which graphic errors cannot be allowed. Not for nothing, but because a simple mistake in the way a frame is displayed can mean losing the game. And in the case of Valorant this is one of the most important elements since we depend on our PC, and the monitor, to faithfully show us where the heads of the members that make up the opposing team are hidden.

What is the tearing?

Basically this problem occurs when the refresh rate of the monitor you are using is not correctly synchronized with that of the GPU of our PC, in such a way that there is an effect whereby some areas of the screen are located in a different place than others, as if a complete block were faster than another that seems to chase it just behind. The result of this error is that when we turn to look the other way, we perceive that the scene does not move synchronously from top to bottom, but rather that it does so in parts, which means that we can see each other well for a few moments until we stop and everything is placed where it should be from the beginning.

Valorant tearing.

It is evident that if Valorant is your quintessential competitive game, You must solve this small inconvenience as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary deaths and leave your team in inferior conditions, so we are going to briefly explain all the alternatives you have to solve it, and that necessarily involve touching a bit in the configuration, either of the graphics itself, or of the game and including the operating system.

How to remove the tearing

We are going to tell you quickly what you have to do, but first you should know that there is no quick diagnosis, because the procedure goes through trying different causes until finding the correct one. So let’s start with the drivers.

Update the graphics drivers

If you have an Nvidia or AMD graphics, we recommend you check if there is an update available and, if so, download it to check that this could be the source of the error. After restarting the PC everything should be in place.

Modify display settings

If the drivers have left Valorant how was it, with tearingthen we have to go look at the values ​​that we have active on the Windows screen and, very importantly, expressly select the maximum resolution and refresh rate that we know our monitor supports. If it’s a laptop panel that can run at 144Hz, select that amount to sync both components.

power settings

Is it possible that we have wrongly selected the performance mode of the PC? It could, so it’s best to go to windows settings and in Power and battery select that the PC works with the best performance possible. Do not leave it in balanced or energy saving because then Valorant could be weighed down and produce that effect tearing.

Valorant Graphic Settings

Valorant menu.

If in Windows we have everything selected as it should, then we have to start thinking that it is the game that can lend us a hand. To do this, you simply have to go to the graphics settings menu and look for the VSync option. Activate it so that the game is able to confirm that both the screen and the GPU are correctly synchronized.

VSync from the apps graphics card

If the above has not worked for you, then we are going to try to activate that synchronization from the menu of the graph itself. Here it will depend on the model and the manufacturer that you will be able to find the function in one menu or another, but essentially it is an option that modifies the system parameters of the card, in what would be the 3D configuration of Valorantspecifically.

What if none of the above works?

If after trying the above there is no way that the tearing disappear, we recommend that you try to remove the installation of the game and download it again and, if that still doesn’t work…, how about you dare to do a complete reinstallation of the OS and try to clean everything to see if the problem is solved from scratch? It sounds radical but if the tearing it brings you down the street of bitterness… you’re not going to change graphics because of that, are you?

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