So you can get free boxes and skins in CSGO

For those who don’t know, Counter-Strike was born from a mod for Half-Life, which became very popular in version 1.6. Due to the huge success, Valve buys the game from the original developers and releases several more games. The latest installment is CSGO, which was launched on the market more than 10 years ago and has been a real success.

How to get free boxes and skins for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive?

The mechanism of boxes and skins has changed a lot since the game became free. Before you had to pay to have the game and now you can play it for free. Giving free boxes to everyone can be an insult to those who once bought the game. For this reason, Valve has changed the rules or the requirements to obtain free boxes.

Currently, crates, weapon skins, and stickers can only be obtained by those who purchased the game before it became free. If you had it since before its launch as free, you will already be a PRIME player. But, if you have reached CSGO after it became free, to get these items you will have to pay. You will need to purchase the PRIME statuswhich it costs 14.19 euros on the Steam store.

If we already have this condition, we are eligible to get up to three free items per week. We have to say that these rewards are updated every Wednesday, or what is the same, the week for the game starts on Wednesday. Also indicate that the game mode does not matter, when the game is over we will obtain the reward, if we are eligible. We can drop a box, a weapon skin or graffiti.

The reward is divided into two conditions:

  • During the period of one week, when we get up a level we will get an object. Watch out, only delivered when we climbed the first levelthe rest are not taken into account and we will not receive anything
  • This same week we can receive two other objects randomly. here’s a rest period, so to speak. There is a rest time between both objects between 24-48 hours

What are the odds of each thing?

It is quite difficult to say that it can come out on each occasion, since it is usually pretty random. Some have investigated this and it seems that the probability of getting a graffiti is 40-50%, a weapon is 20-30% and a box is 10-30%. The truth is that there is not much consensus on this, since Valve has not given specifics.

What we do know is the probability of the degree of the weapons that can come out. Interestingly, the degree of probability without opening a box of a weapon is the same as if it came from a box. These are the odds:

  • consumer: 80%
  • Industrial: 16%
  • One thousand. Specs: 3.2%
  • restricted: 0.64%
  • Classfield: 0.128%
  • Covert: 0.0256%

The indicated probabilities are both for when we finished the game, as if we opened a box. Indicate that the Covert they are the most rare and difficult to obtain, as they are not always available out of a box. The Coverts that are given randomly after finishing a match depend on the season and there are not always some enabled.

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Don’t even think about using weird pages

you can find many pages they tell you that you will win free skins or even scammers inside Steam who pass you these pages. Accessing them is a bad idea, as they can steal your account and empty your inventory. In addition, this type of website usually hosts all kinds of malware to try to steal your credentials

If you are going to try it, which we do not recommend, you mustActivate double factor authentication. Steam has an App for Android and iOS that, on the most expensive and rare items, you have to check the action. When we are going to make an expensive and rare box or weapon change, it will always tell us to verify it in the App. This measure was implemented to prevent inventory theft, among others, through these free skin websites.

We must also warn you that using these types of pages may lead to the suspension of your account. It is not common, but your account could be blocked if this type of fraud is detected. Keep in mind that for Valve this is the same as cheating.

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