So you can get free paVos, safely, in Fortnite

If you don’t know what paVos are (or V-Bucks in its English version) it is the official in-game currency. This currency allows us to acquire different cosmetic elements that can only be used in the game. In addition, it also allows us to acquire the different battle passes that give us access to other elements.

How can I get paVos without spending euros?

Epic Games has created a resoundingly successful business model with Fortnite. All the elements that we can acquire in it do not influence performance, they are merely cosmetic. Despite this, many users pay to get the in-game currency that is later will exchange for character skins or weapons. Well, you can get free paVos in Fortnite, but it’s not especially easy

Inside Save the World mode

The first option is only valid for those who are Founders. Is Founders edition It is no longer available, since it has been discontinued since June 2020. So if you don’t have this option, you won’t be able to get V-Bucks through this method.

Those Founders have the option to get unlimited free V-Bucks from three ways different. These are:

  • Daily reward: simply with enter the “Save the world” you will get a reward. Not every day paVos are given away, moreover, it is normal that they are given away only once a week. The good thing is that you don’t have to log in every day, but of course, the more days you log in, the more paVos you’ll get
  • Completing daily quests: Daily the game will give us a random mission and in some we will receive as paVos reward. You can have a maximum of three active missions simultaneously. If you already have three active, you won’t receive any more until you free up at least one slot. Something interesting is that we can replace the missions, in case it is too long for your taste or you see it as complicated.
  • Complete Story Missions: Each season and each chapter has its own missions. Those who are Founders, among the possible rewards, some will give us paVos when we complete them

free bucks save the world fortnite

Through the Battle Pass

This option does not give us free paVos at all, since we must make a transaction. Acquiring the battle pass a total of 1,500 bucks for each season. These arrive in packs of 100 paVos and in some cases.

Something interesting is that paVos can be obtained in packs of 100 without the need for the Battle Pass. Each Season they are awarded a maximum of 750 paVos available to the user without the Pass. Of course, obtaining them all is very difficult, since you have to complete all the pages of the album. Note that each battle pass have a cost of 950 paVos.

Buying the Battle Pass really pays off, since with just one we could acquire several more if we get all the V-Bucks of each Season.

fornite dragon ball battle pass

Through raffles and events

There are many content creators (YouTubers and streamers) who make different events and giveaways from the hand of Epic Games. Normally, they usually give away paVos packs, Battle Passes or simply skins.

You must bear in mind at this point that in the case of the console version of Fortnite, only will ask for your ID. If it is the version of pcthe usual thing is that you give a code for the value of the paVos or that activates the cosmetic element in question.

Our email account will never be necessary, much less the password, so do not give this information to anyone.

Watch out for scammers

We can find many web pages of doubtful credibility that will offer us paVos at no cost. These types of pages are a complete scam and what we will do is put our account at risk.

Nor should we trust YouTube videos or social network accounts that promise us many free paVos. Most likely, using these services will end up compromising our account.

Under no circumstances should we download software or applications to obtain Fortnite coins. Most likely, they will create a security breach and steal all personal information, as well as different types of credentials.

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