So you can have the best function of macOS in Windows 11

Windows has always been characterized as one of the most customizable operating systems on the market, along with Android, either using the options that Microsoft makes available to us natively or using third-party applications, applications that, on some occasions, are not they are well optimized and increase the consumption of computer resources. If we have ever had the curiosity to use macOS, we have tried it and we like, at least the design of the desktop, thanks to this application, we can transform Windows 11 taskbar in the classic Apple app dock.

The Apple application dock is located in the lower central part of the screen and, in addition, allows us to place it anywhere on the screen, an option that, at the moment, is not available natively in Windows 11, although we can. do so by making changes to the Windows registry.

The operation of the dock and the taskbar is exactly the samesince both allow us to access both the configuration options, as well as all the applications that we have installed on the computer and launch applications directly through the shortcuts that we can place on it.

The macOS dock in Windows 11

Regarding the design, while the dock occupies a width that depends on the number of applications that we have placed on it, the Windows taskbar extends across the entire bottom of the screen. If we want to bring the macOS dock to Windows 11, we have to use the TaskbarXI application, an application portable that we can download through the following link to its page on GitHub.

The application TaskbarXI.exe is the one that includes the default setting that turns the Windows taskbar into a dock, while the application TaskbarXIMFCGUI.exe It is the one that allows us to modify the design of the taskbar. If we like to customize any application down to the smallest detail, it is also necessary to download this application, but, if we are satisfied with the design that it offers us, the application TaskbarXI.exe is more than enough.


As soon as we run the application, we will see how the design of the Windows taskbar is modified to group all its applications independently and separately from the toolbar where the date and time are displayed, along with the sound icon. and the Wi-Fi connection and the applications that we have open in the background on the computer.

Within the configuration options of this portable application, we have the possibility of moving the application dock to the left side of the screen, a function that is also available natively through the Windows configuration.

Being a portable application, does not make any changes to the computer registry, so, just by closing it, we are going to return to the design of Windows 11, with the taskbar spread across the bottom. This app does not work on Windows 10 as it is designed for Windows 111 only.

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