so you can play ‘free’ on PC with one of the revelation games

There are games that one is glad to see go especially well. Because from the beginning they were conceived from the love for a genre or for a title that decisively influenced the mood of the programmers. And that happens precisely with Eastward which has managed, from a very discreet launch for Nintendo Switch and PC in digital format back in 2021, to grow until it colonizes territories such as Xbox. The one who arrives this month.

from zero to hero

As we tell you, it was a little over a year ago that he arrived Eastward for Nintendo Switch, PC and macOS. A game clearly inspired by those RPGs from the 90s for Super Nintendo (they even compared it to a Zelda) and that he took that old idea to update it with greater graphic effects and a plot that takes us to the future, to a world in which a toxin has spread throughout the planet and is causing real havoc.

It is obvious that its attraction, at first glance, did not reside so much in the plot as in the staging, in that chopped perspective and some settings, character design and gameplay that has captivated many players over several generations. so much that from that digital launch we were lucky to see it arrive physically on Nintendo Switch in the month of August, an unequivocal sign that things have gone very well for the developers of Pixpil.

But it was obvious that the next stage had to go through, necessarily, making the leap to the rest of the platforms on the market. and that has done Eastward… although partially.

At the moment only on Xbox… Game Pass

Indeed, since the beginning of December Eastward is part of Xbox Game Passs and, therefore, those who have not yet tried it will be able to verify all the good things it has and that it has made it open a hole within the little hearts of thousands of gamers all over the world. And of course, news like this brings with it that we can also enjoy it on PC in two ways: either by installing it within the Xbox Windows application or in the cloud. In both cases partially free because it is part of the Ultimate subscription.

Indeed, that Eastward is available on Xbox Cloud Gaming will allow all players who have Xbox Game Pass to run it on their smartphone screen or tablet, and even from a Steam Deck. The only requirement is that we have a gamepad connected to the device because, at the moment, it does not allow the use of touch input as an alternative, which is still a small nuisance.

Thus Eastward expands its circle of influence beyond Nintendo SwitchPC and macOS to establish itself as one of the most interesting games on the scene indie of the last times. A success wrought with talent… except if you take a look at his artwork which, certainly, is the least attractive and stimulating that we have ever seen. But it is what you have when you only think of reaching a digital store where the weight of the cover loses some relevance. Nope?

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