so you can play on any PC without installing it

Thanks to the Internet connections that most of us have at the moment, we have the possibility of playing a multitude of titles online. Obviously, for this we need a certain bandwidth and optimize our connection to get the most out of games, as is the case now with Fortnite.

This is something that we can carry out right now both on our computer and on the console. Specifically, we refer to the possibility of enjoying our moments of leisure with our favorite games no need to install anything. Among the many titles of this type that we have at our disposal today, Fortnite is one of them. And we make a special mention of this video game in particular due to the enormous success and acceptance it has had for some time now.

For most of you, it is not necessary to tell you what is the theme on which this title is focused, which you can enjoy both alone and in a group. East battle royale It has long been one of the most executed and popular video games on both PC and consoles. In fact and over time we have been able to see many other similar proposals that have been launched by competing developers.

However, Fortnite has largely managed to stay at the top thanks to the news that little by little we have been able to see here. As a general rule, the tendency is to download and install the game in the corresponding device where we are going to use it. From there we can start it up and enjoy as many hours as we want, also initially free form.

Play Fortnite without having to install it on PC

However, in these lines we are going to show you something that many of you may not know and that may be very interesting for you. Specifically, we are referring to the possibility of running this game and enjoying it without having to install it on our computer. As you can imagine this will allow us to spend our leisure time in Fortnite, but without the need to spend a good amount of gigabytes on your previous installation. At first, all you are going to need for this is to use your favorite internet browser.

Once we have it on the screen and to access this online version of the game, thanks to Xbox Cloud Gaming we will have the possibility of carrying out this execution that we are telling you about, on the PC. Of course, in the aforementioned browser we will have to access this website and log in with our Xbox Game Pass account.

cloud fortnite

From that moment on, the only thing left to do is click on the Play button so that the game begins to load through the cloud. Depending on our connection, this is a process that will take a while. At the same time, it will also directly influence the fluidity of the game itself. Here we will have to use a command that we connect to the computer via Bluetooth either USB to fully enjoy Fortnite through Cloud Gaming on our computer. A computer with a touch screen will also serve us.

fortnite pc

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